Largest single-day swoop down operation on ‘goondas’ in Bengaluru; weapons, marijuana seized

Describing it as the largest single-day swoop-down operation in the history of Bengaluru policing, Bengaluru City Police commissioner Kamal Pant on Saturday said police across the city conducted raids on the houses of 2,144 criminals and interrogated 1,548 people in the last 24 hours. Pant told reporters that in this operation the entire force has seized 91 weapons – swords, machetes, knives and other lethal weapons, 12 kg marijuana and mobile phones from these notorious criminals. Besides this, the police teams from eight divisions have recovered a huge cache of property documents and blank cheques from these criminals.

The commissioner said the police have booked 1,808 cases under various provisions of the Security Act.

The commissioner also added that in this biggest ever raid, the police have booked 409 cases against 561 criminals in a single day, which is a record in itself.

“Such a large-scale swoop down had not happened in the past till date in the history of Bengaluru policing. We did this to instil confidence among our civilians and drive home a point to criminals that they can be nabbed at any time and any day,” he said.

According to him, notorious criminals like Cycle Ravi, Poison Rama, Bullet Raja, JCB Narayana, Wilson Garden Naga, BTS Manja, Harish alias Koli Fayaz, and several others were interrogated in respective local police stations.

“These are just some of the notorious rowdies who operate in the city at various levels,” he said.

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