Lahore, Karachi rank among world’s top 4 most polluted cities

Islamabad [Pakistan] : Pakistan’s Lahore and Karachi have featured on the list of the world’s top four most polluted cities by capturing third and the fourth rank respectively, reported a local media.
Lahore reported the Particulate Matter (PM) rating of 181 whereas Karachi recorded a PM rating of 163 making both the cities feature in the list of the world’s most polluted cities, according to the air pollution data released by the US Air Quality Index, reported The News International. The standards set by the Air Quality Index categorises a city under “unhealthy” if the PM rating lies between 151 and 200. The rating between 201 and 300 falls under the category of “highly unhealthy” and anything above 301 falls under the “dangerous” category.
Lahore featured on the same list earlier this month after the AQI hit the 289 mark on November 2, reported The News International.
The vision was blurred after smog had engulfed the provincial metropolis leading to serious health problems for the citizens.

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