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Know why second coronavirus pandemic wave hit India, now this COVID-19 variant is new threat

New Delhi: The biggest reason for the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in India was the delta variant. This variant was responsible for about 80 percent of COVID-19 cases reported during this period.

NK Arora, co-chairperson of the Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genomic Consortium, has emphasized that if cases increase in the country now, it will be due to some other more dangerous and more infectious  COVID-19 variant.

According to the statement issued by the Union Health Ministry, they also say that this variant can be 40-60 percent more infectious than the alpha variant. So far it has knocked in 80 countries of the world. This includes the US, UK, Singapore. Delta Plus variant AY-1 is followed by AY.2 which has been found in 55-60 cases reported from 11 states of the country so far.

These states include Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu. Cases reported from Madhya Pradesh are currently being studied. After its completion, it will be known how contagious it is and what effect it has on the vaccine. Along with this, it will also be known how its behavior is and how much it is contagious.

It has been reported that the delta variant causes a change in its spike protein that interacts with the ACE2 receptor to make it more infectious and reduce the body’s immunity. The B.1.617.2 variant of the Corona which we all know as the Delta variant was first revealed in India in October 2020. It was responsible for the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in India. It spread from Maharashtra and spread to many parts of the south including the east and west of the country. 

Dr Arora was quoted in the statement as saying that it was more lethal, also more infectious than all the variants found before now. He also says that the study done on this variant so far shows that there have been some changes in it too. It attacks human cells rapidly. Its attack on the lungs is more fatal. 

However, he also admitted that at the moment it is very difficult to say whether the delta variant is more lethal or serious. He has told that when it comes to the age of those who died during the first and second wave of the epidemic, it was almost the same.

According to him, 55-60 cases of Delta and Delta Plus have been reported so far out of 11 states of the country. Delta variants have also knocked in many countries of the world. It also includes countries such as Nepal, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland and Japan. 

The AY.2 variant of the COVID-19 virus is less widespread than the Delta Plus variant. Research is currently going on to know about it. According to the research revealed so far, the vaccines exposed on the delta variant are effective.

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