Know Why Indian Students Prefer To Study In Canada!

Why study in Canada? For the last decade, international students have preferred Canadian universities for Higher education. Canadian Universities are ranked among the top 3 countries sought by the international students to study.

There must be a reason for it? Is there something very unique while studying in Canada? The answer is the top-quality education, affordability, and diversity of bachelor’s programs offered by Canadian universities. The government policies of Canada for international students also help to learn and earn in Canada. Different internship programs running across the country provide hands on exercises for the students to polish their skills. In addition, there are many other perks of studying in Canada. Some of them are being disclosed in this article below.

Canada is full of opportunities

Top Ranked Universities:

The academic excellence of Canada requires no introduction. Canada provided world-class education for decades and gave developing countries educated administrators, economists, and politicians. If you fly to Canada for higher education then you have the opportunity to study in the world’s best Universities as many universities in Canada compete with the world’s best universities in the US and UK.

The University of Toronto is in the top 30 Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE). The University of British Columbia secures its place among Canada’s top 40 best universities in (THE). Also, McGill University is in the Top 50 best universities of Canada.

Students have high level of satisfaction while studying in Canada
Students have high level of satisfaction while studying in Canada

No Communication Problem:

In other countries, you may find it hard to communicate with the native people because of the language barrier. But not in Canada, as Canada is a Bilingual Country. Both English and French are official languages in Canada, and you can easily go anywhere in Canada with your English language skill.

The communication gap is minimum. That’s why learning and exploring opportunities are maximum in Canada. Besides that, almost all Canadian Universities offer English-taught degrees for higher education. You have to pick the best program for yourself in Canada and get yourself enrolled.

Multicultural Environment: 

As mentioned above, Canada is Bilingual Country, so there is diversity as half of the Canadian population’s first language is not English. This Multicultural Environment will be everywhere in Classrooms, shopping malls, and society. International students can easily adapt, and they can make friends too. You will feel less lonely in a country offering you a Multicultural Environment.

Learn and Earn:

Canadian Universities also support their students financially by giving them stipends or scholarships and an opportunity to earn by themselves. The Canadian Cooperative work system allows the international students to earn on campus or outside.

The only restriction is the working hours; you can only work 20 hours per week. Students can also apply for additional three years of post-study work permit in Canada. That’s how you can easily earn bread and butter in Canada while completing your education there.


Students get to work part time while they study. This makes them confident and they can sustain on their own.
Students get to work part time while they study. This makes them confident and they can sustain on their own.


The Cost of education in Canadian Universities and living in Canada for an international student is affordable compared to European countries.

Affordability is the major factor behind people coming to Canada for Higher Education. As discussed earlier that Canadian Universities Provide Scholarships and Internship programs for their bachelor’s, Master and Ph.D. students.

Apart from that, the cooperative work system and post-study work permit also help international students to support their finances. Also, Canada has various colleges and universities having very student-friendly fee structures and tuition fee models. So you can also choose between these colleges and universities.

A little bit of Everything: 

Canadian Universities offer the best education in affordable tuition fees, scholarships, and internship programs. Apart from that, another perk of living and studying in Canada is the blend of nature, culture, and technology. It offers numerous events, festivals, video gaming hubs, theaters, etc.

Life in Canada is busy yet significant to experience nature and the technological advancements in your neighborhood. Talking about society’s technological advancement, the strongest industries of Canada are video gaming, biotech, and telecommunication.

Nature, technology, multicultural arts, and quality education all are in one place in Canada.

Studying in Canada gives an life time experience

Low Crime Rate: 

Canada is among the world’s safest countries, and you will experience that in your early days in Canada. Its crime rate is very low, almost equal to none, which guarantees your safety in a country. While studying in Canada, you don’t have to worry about street crimes, other snatches, etc. 911 Emergency service is available 24/7.

In case of any emergency, accident, or fire, you can dial this toll-free number. Additionally, Canadian Universities pay heed to the safety of their international student to ensure safe education for them.

Secure Future: 

As technology and globalization continue to advance across the globe, more and more business owners are opening their offices in Canada and other European countries. They need fresh graduates to work for them, and that’s why more than 90% of Canadian graduates get a Job in less than a year.

The increase in job opportunities also increases your chances of getting a good job in Canada and earning citizenship in Canada. The top-notch education with the perfect practical and fieldwork touch makes you more competent than others.

By reading about all these benefits and perks of studying in Canada, if you have made up your mind to do a bachelor’s, master or Ph.D. in Canada then act on it. Don’t miss any opportunity to study in Canada, secure your future, and achieve whatever you want to achieve. Canada has a lot to offer its international students.


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