Kerala :Ban on book

Kerala police department has asked the State government to ban a book that it said contains extreme religious fundamentalism.

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) [India], September 30: The police asked the state government to ban the circulation of the book “Mashari al-Ashwaq ila Masari al Ushaaq” and said the book can misguide the youth into extremism and force them to join terrorist organisations. According to the police, the book contains content promoting anti-national attitude and hatred among religions.
Police recommend the government to ban the circulation of the book on all platforms including social media.
On the matter raised by the Kerala police, the state government has formed a three-member committee to examine and recommend suitably on banning of a book named ‘Mashari Al-Ashwaq ila Masari al-Ushaaq’.
The committee will examine whether the book contains any incriminating material or not and will submit the report to the state government.

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