Kazakh crime syndicate leader Arman Dikiy reveals his connection with Turkish govt

Nur-Sultan [Kazakhstan] (ANI): Kazakh crime syndicate leader Arman Dikiy, nicknamed ‘Wild Arman’ met with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.
The meeting between the two was disclosed by the Dikiy, who shared photos with Cavusoglu, reported Al Arabiya Post. The photos of the Turkish political leader with the Kazakh crime syndicate indicate Turkey’s political leaders’ contacts with them.
Dikiy, who is described as the ‘crime ringleader’, and claimed to be the “rising star” of Kazakhstan’s organized crime world was taken into custody on January 07, 2022.
Dikiy has connections with the local political establishment in Turkey as well as also connected with the Azerbaijani mafia leader Nadir Salifov, nicknamed ‘Lotu Guli’, who was killed in Antalya in August 2020, reported Al Arabiya Post.
He was acquainted with Sedat Peker, who was convicted of leading an organized crime organization in Turkey. Dikiy was also involved with another Turkish crime leader, Alaattin Cakici.
Turkey’s political-mafia nexus came to the fore after Turkish mafia boss Sedat Peker started disclosing Turkish political leaders’ involvement in drugs, money laundering, prostitution and arms trafficking.
Meanwhile, an ongoing crisis is being witnessed in Kazakhstan, believed to be stoked by foreign terrorists.
Over 160 persons were killed in the capital city of Nur-Sultan and other cities where violence spread like wildfire from January 2 this year after a peaceful citizen protest against the government for rising fuel prices turned violent. (Image source: Instagram)

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