Kashmir-based NGO ready to combat potential third wave of COVID-19

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India]: As experts have warned that the third wave of COVID-19 is imminent, a Kashmir-based NGO is all set to fight the virus.
In order to fight the potential third wave of coronavirus, which is expected to peak in October, the NGO, Athrout, has procured a large quantity of medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators, ventilators to provide to the needy for free. The NGO, which also runs a dialysis centre, had played an active role during the second wave of COVID-19 by setting up oxygen plants at hospitals and providing free ambulances to the Kashmir people. The NGO provided medicines for free during the second wave. It has also set up a retail chemist shop and gives medicines at a discounted rate to the needy.
The NGO has acquired experts and procured the latest medical equipment to combat the potential third wave.
Stressing that dialysis needs to be provided to patients without interruption, Zaira Khan, a nurse, said, “Whether it is a second wave or third wave, dialysis has to be provided without any interruption. So we have all the medical equipment to provide necessary care to patients and are prepared for the potential third wave of COVID-19.”
Bashir Nadvi, chairman of the NGO, said, “During the second wave, we identified and contacted several NGOs in Kashmir and Ladakh region and supplied at least 150 oxygen ventilators, which have helped in saving several lives in these regions. During the second wave peak, we imported 36 oxygen concentrators from the US. We also received help from big corporates like Piramal, Mahendra & Mahendra, IIFL and Azim Premji Foundation.”
Waseem Rashid, Admin Officer of Athrout, said, “We have procured the latest oxygen concentrators, nebulizer, BiPAP, CPAP in order to combat the possible third wave. We have made arrangements of procuring food packets if there is a lockdown, sanitisers, masks etc.”

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