Karnataka-Maharashtra Border Dispute: Not appropriate for Maharashtra ministers to Visit Belagavi, says CM Bommai

Belagavi (Karnataka) [India]: Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Friday stated that the state chief assistant has actually asked her equivalent of Maharashtra not to visit Belagavi in view of the existing circumstance in between the two states over the boundary disagreement.

” In view of the present situation in between the two states over the boundary disagreement, it is not advisable for the Maharashtra ministers to visit Belegavi,” Karnataka Principal Assistant communicated this with a fax message.
Responding to the records of Maharashtra priests planning to go to Belagavi on December 6, the CM told reporters in Ramdurga on Friday.

CM Bommai while talking to the reports in Ramdurga stated, “It is not proper for them to find when there is such a situation between the two states. We have currently sent the message not to find. We will certainly take the exact same action as the Government of Karnataka has actually taken when such efforts have actually been made numerous times in the past.”

Maharashtra preachers Chandrakant Patil and Shambhuraj Desai’s check out to Belagavi in Karnataka to resolve the Karnataka-Maharashtra boundary issue has been held off to December 6.

Chandrakant Patil as well as Shambhuraj Desai have actually been designated as coordinating ministers for the Karnataka-Maharashtra boundary problem.

Maharashtra ministers Chandrakant Patil and Shambhuraj Desai’s check out to Belagavi in Karnataka to address the Karnataka-Maharashtra border issue has been postponed to December 6.

The meeting was set up to be held on December 3.

On the demand of the Belagavi Ambedkar company, their browse through has actually been postponed as well as both will certainly get here in Belagavi on December 6, on the death anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar.

Belgaum or Belagavi is presently part of Karnataka yet is declared by Maharashtra.

After the Karnataka-Maharashtra boundary disagreement rose, many unfortunate incidents occurred in Belagavi.

Throughout a social program in Belagavi’s Gogate College earlier, a trainee who danced with the Kannada flag was attacked by his schoolmates, developing a strained ambience.

The other day, pro-Kannada organizations staged a barricade on the freeway in Belagavi. They set fire to tires and shouted slogans versus Maharashtra. Presently, the scenario there is like an ash-covered pit.

As per media reports, the long-running Karnataka-Maharashtra border disagreement started back in 1953, after the Maharashtra federal government challenged the addition of 865 villages including Belagavi.

The towns are spread out across Belagavi as well as the north-western as well as north-eastern regions of Karnataka – all surrounding Maharashtra.

After the execution of the State Reconstruction Act, of 1956, the Maharashtra federal government demanded the readjustment of its boundary with Karnataka.

Following this, a four-member board was created by both states. Maharashtra federal government had actually shared willingness to move Kannada-speaking 260 villages primarily, yet it was rejected by Karnataka. Now, both Karnataka and Maharashtra federal governments have actually come close to the Supreme Court to expedite the matter, and also the issue is still pending.

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