Karnataka Govt. may fall any time

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India]: Opposition leader in the Karnataka assembly Siddaramaiah on Saturday slammed the BJP government stating that it may not last long.

Talking to media persons, Siddaramaiah said “The confusion in the government continues like before, it is doubtful that this government will complete its tenure.” “I suspect that the present government can fall any time. Ruling party legislators are protesting and are making statements against the government. MLAs are going to Delhi to solve their grievances, which clearly shows that there are some problems in the ruling party” said former CM Siddaramaiah.

Siddaramaiah further said, “The Corona third wave has started and There is in an alarming situation. Strict measures should be taken in the state’s border districts. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that people are not affected by the third wave. Declaring a weekend lockdown will not be enough solution.”

He further added that it is not advisable to open school or college unless the third wave comes under control and also that government should not allow programs that are too crowded.

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