Kapil Sharma Asks Gaur Gopal Das About His Discourse On ‘Girlfriend-Boyfriend’

Kapil Sharma is ready to welcome famous singers from the 90s technology, including Suneeta Rao, Shweta Shetty, Altaf Raja, Shabbir Kumar, and some motivational speakers like Gaur Gopal Das in the upcoming episode of The Kapil Sharma Show. A new episode promo shows how Kapil took “extra liberty” while talking to Gaur Gopal Das and how Shweta Shetty spoke about a major difference between fans from the new generation and those back in their times.

Sony shared the promo on social media with the caption, “Iss weekend raat 9:30 baje, #SonyEntertainmentTelevision par #TheKapilSharmaShow mein gyaan aur music ki hogi bauchaar kyunki aane wale hai motivational speaker aur 90s ke retro singers iss baar! (this time there will be a lot of knowledge and music as motivational speakers and retro singers are coming on the show.”

The promo opens with Kapil welcoming Gaur Gopal Das on level and speaking about certainly one of his motivational videos in which he is seen talking about ‘girlfriend-boyfriend’. Enquiring him about the same, Kapil asks, “aapko ye student hona ka experience hai ya kabhi mohabbat mein bhi pade hain (you have been a student of this subject or have you ever fallen in love)?” He replied, “Kapil is taking a lot of liberty today.”

Kapil went directly to ask Shweta Shetty about discovering a loopy fan. She stated fans in those days were by no means like that we see these days. They had been very decent and shy. She went on to hug Shabbir to explain how fans move on to embrace their preferred stars without permission, even by clicking selfies.

Kapil also laughed at how Altaf Raja was glowing a lot during his appearance on the show. He joked that his face seems to have been put in water for long before being peeled for the show.

Shweta Shetty has sung hit songs like Rukmani Rukmani from Roja, Mangta Hai Kya from Rangeela and Tote Tote Ho Gaya from Bichhoo. Suneeta Rao is thought for her songs just as the hit single Paree Hoon Main and Ab Ke Baras. Altaf Raja is satisfactorily acknowledged for his song Tum To Thehre Pardesi whilst Shabbir is understood for his songs like Jab Hum Jawan Honge from Betaab (1983), Pyar Kiya Nahi Jaata from Woh Saat Din, Mujhe Pineka Shokh Nahin from Coolie and many more.

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