Kannada Actor Chetana dies undergoing Fat Removal Surgery

Bengaluru: In a shocking incident,  21-year-old Kannada actress died while undergoing fat elimination surgery in Bengaluru on Tuesday. According to the authorities, she was undertaking surgery without the consultation of her parents. Chetana Raj is the young actress who died during surgical procedure. The parents are now affirming neglect on component of the cosmetic surgeons. They are additionally stating that the surgical treatment was conducted without correct tools. Chetana Raj is a citizen of Abbigere in Bengaluru. The medical facility authorities are maintaining that the fatality happened due to water obtaining transferred in her lungs during surgical procedure.

Chetana was undergoing fat removal surgery when complications arise

Chethana Raj had acted in prominent serials ‘Geetha’, ‘Doresaani’, ‘Olavina Nildana’. She had actually additionally acted in ‘Havayaami’, a Kannada film. Govinda Raj, daddy of Chetana Raj discussed that his child was admitted to the healthcare facility at 8.30 am on Monday. By the time they learnt more about regarding it, the surgical treatment had actually currently begun.
By the night, the lungs were full of water or fat web content as well as she had dealt with breathing troubles. There were no correct treatment in the ICU, he claimed.

Chetana Raj had asked them for approval to go through fat surgery but the household had informed her not to undertake the surgical procedure.
“My little girl passed away due to the negligence of the medical facility. The medical professionals have actually conducted surgical procedure without parental permission as well as without proper devices,” he specified.

“My child was hale and hearty. She was absolutely fine. Somebody has recommended to her that she had extra fat in the waistline and also without consulting any kind of member of the family she had actually come for the surgery. “I will launch lawful action against health center authorities,” he claimed.

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