“Justice has been delivered,” says Biden as 9/11 mastermind killed in Kabul

Washington [US]: President Joe Biden in an aired address on Monday (local time) revealed that Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed in an air strike by the United States specifying that “Justice has been delivered.” al-Zawahiri was among the globe’s most desired terrorists and also a mastermind of the September 11, 2001 assaults was eliminated in a drone strike accomplished by the US in the Covering resources Kabul on Saturday.
” On Saturday, at my instructions, the USA effectively performed an airstrike in Kabul, Afghanistan that eliminated the emir of al-Qa’ ida: Ayman al-Zawahiri. Justice has actually been delivered and this terrorist leader disappears,” Biden claimed in a video address from the Blue Space Porch at the White House.
” He will certainly never ever once more, never ever once again, allow Afghanistan to become a terrorist safe haven due to the fact that he is gone and we’re mosting likely to ensure that nothing else happens,” he added.
Zawahiri, an Egyptian doctor was deeply involved in the preparation of 9/11 as well as he also functioned as Osama Container Ladens personal physician.
In a background call to press reporters, a senior Biden management authorities said Zawahiri had actually been killed on the terrace of a residence in Kabul in a drone strike, which there had actually been no US boots on the ground in Afghanistan.
The strike was carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as well as was carried out by an Air Force drone. The main claimed that al-Zawahiri was the only person killed in the strike and that none of his relative was hurt.
Senior members of the Taliban and Haqqani Network knew al-Zawahiri’s visibility in Kabul before the drone strike, said the senior administration official.
As a matter of fact, Haqqani Network participants attempted to conceal that al-Zawahiri had been staying at the safehouse in the hrs after he was killed.
When inquired about Al-Zawahris’s murder as well as might he have remained in the safe house without the straight understanding of Pakistan’s ISI, the official said: “What we understand is that elderly Haqqani Taliban knew his presence in Kabul as well as I can’t comment even more on other nations participation.”
Husain Haqqani, a former Pakistani ambassador to the United States who is now with the Hudson Institute, claimed that this procedure reveals that the United States can still locate recognized terrorist leaders in Afghanistan.
“The concern now would be, whether Taliban enabled Zawahiri’s removal or the US did it without aid. His visibility in the Afghanistan- Pakistan area verifies that the region is still house to global terrorist groups,” Haqqani informed.
“We will certainly need to wait to discover whom the Americans think to have aided keep Zawahiri in service from within the region,” the former ambassador better added.
Zawahiri’s killing comes a year after the United States’ military withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s requisition of the nation. The main noted that Zawahiri’s presence in the Covering capital Kabul was a “clear infraction” of a deal the Taliban had actually signed with the United States in Doha in 2020 that led the way for the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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