Joe Rogan Tests Positive For Covid-19

Popular comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan has tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Taking to Instagram, Rogan posted a video in which he revealed that he has contracted COVID-19. “I GOT COVID. My apologies, but we have to move the Nashville show to Sunday, October 24. Much love to you all,” he shared.

In the clip, Rogan also spoke about how he’s been battling coronavirus.
“…feeling very weary, I had a headache, and I just felt just run down,” he said.
Rogan also updated his followers about his medication. He said he took the anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin, however, US health officials have strongly advised against it, reported Variety.

Rogan’s COVID positive diagnosis comes months after he dismissed to some extent the usefulness of the vaccine on his podcast.

“I’m not an anti-vax person. In fact, I said I believe they’re safe and I encourage many people to take ’em. I just said, I don’t think that if you’re a young, healthy person, that you need it,” he had said.

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