Jennifer Garner Visits Save The Children-Backed Afghan Refugee Centre

Jennifer Garner recently visited an Afghan refugee centre near Washington, DC, which serves as the first stop for thousands of those who recently escaped Afghanistan, according to a press release from Save the Children.

As per PEOPLE, the centre, which is backed by the organisation, is located in the Dulles Airport and has a private space set up by Save the Children that allows families with infants to take care of them as needed. Essentials such as diapers and blankets are provided by the group, as well as backpacks for children that offer “comfort items,” like toys and stuffed animals.

According to Save the Children, around 30,000 individuals have relocated from Afghanistan in recent weeks, with roughly 40 per cent being children under the age of 12.

Taking to her Instagram account on Friday, Garner, who is a Save the Children trustee and ambassador, shared a sweet video from her trip to visit the Afghan children.

In one moment from the clip, the ‘Yes Day’ star can be seen telling workers at the centre that she wants to play with the children.

When a staff member told her that she has pipe cleaners for the kids to use, she informs Garner that she “might get mobbed”, to which she replied with excitement, “Great! I want to get mobbed.”

Later in the video, Garner also gets a first-hand look at all the hard work that is being put in to help out the children and their families in need, including all of the supplies that they have lined up to offer.

“This is a human endeavour. I am so grateful Save the Children is helping the US Dept of State welcome Afghan refugees, and hope you can help me support these families and this work,” Garner wrote alongside her post.

“These children and families have been through so much — many of the families I spoke with have been in transit for weeks, and are understandably exhausted. I see Save the Children’s services provide such a sense of relief for the parents, and a sense of joy for the kids,” Garner said in a statement to the organisation.

“Afghan children have known nothing but conflict their entire lives. I got to see their beautiful art, sing songs and receive some really big hugs,” added the mother of three.

“A world of healing happens for kids in these child-focused play areas. This may be the first time these children have felt safe in months, and the activity space gives them the chance to have fun and just be kids–after all they’ve been through, they desperately need that,” Garner signed off.

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