It’s A Wrap For Anik Datta’s ‘Aparajito’

It’s finally wrap up for Anik Datta’s much-talked-about period drama ‘Aparajito’ inspired by the making of Satyajit Ray’s ‘Pather Panchali’. The film, also a tribute to Ray, sees popular TV actor Jeetu Kamal playing the auteur and the shooting has been an emotional roller coaster ride for him.

Now, as the shoot is over he feels emotionally drenched after slipping into the character of such a legend for weeks. Incidentally, ‘Aparajito’ was the second film of the Apu trilogy but this new ‘Aparajito’ is different.

Speaking about the film, Anik had earlier said that he was not just looking to give an account of how ‘Pather Panchali’ was made. In his film the character Aparajito Ray, aka Apu, is making a film titled ‘Pather Podaboli’. What he wants to convey is that if one has the confidence that he has the ability to achieve his dreams he can make those dreams come true, in reality. So, it is an inspirational film.

Jeetu’s look as Satyajit Ray has already surprised all and the director feels the talented actor has done complete justice to the character. Incidentally, Abir Chatterjee was supposed to play the titular role but due to date issues he couldn’t do the film. However, Anik says Jeetu’s acting has been appreciated by everyone on the set.

Besides Jeetu playing the character inspired by Ray, Saayoni Ghosh plays the character of Aparajito Ray’s wife, also inspired by Ray’s wife Bijoya.

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