Issues related to frozen assets, international recognition discussed with US, says Taliban

Kabul [Afghanistan]: The Taliban reiterated their call for the international recognition of the new regime and unfreezing of the assets during talks with US officials in Doha.
The remarks came from the Taliban appointed Minister of Information and culture Zabiullah Mujahid. He informed that both parties also discussed the implementation of the Doha agreement, Tolo News reported. “There are several issues needed to be shared with the Americans: First, the implementation of the Doha agreement which is important for both–for us and for the US. Second, the issue of Afghanistan’s assets that have been frozen in banks by the US,” Mujahid said.
“Third is the recognition of Afghanistan by the international community, the US and UN,” said the deputy minister of information and culture,” he added.
This came as Afghanistan has been in utter economic crisis after the takeover of the Taliban.
Afghan people are still struggling with banking services by queuing hundreds of meters of lines and waiting for even three days to withdraw their money.
Soon after the Taliban’s siege of Kabul on August 15, foreign assistance was immediately frozen. Besides this, the US stopped USD 9.4 billion in reserves to the country’s central bank, The New York Post reported.
Moreover, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank have also stopped loans, and the Financial Action Task Force warned its 39 member nations to block Taliban assets.
The Taliban have been continuously urging the US to unfreeze these assets and also asking for recognition from the international communities.

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