Israel will help India in terms of food security, says Rony Yedidiya Clein, Charge D’ Affaires

New Delhi [India]: The agricultural collaboration between India and Israel will help India in terms of food security, believes the state of Israel as both nations come together in an annual meet for Indo-Israel agricultural project on Friday in New Delhi.
The project has been initiated to bring Israeli innovations close to Indian farmers as India continues to adopt international innovation and technology in its agricultural sector which is also the largest sector of the country. “Farming sector is the largest sector in India. So this project will help farmers to produce more. It will help India in terms of food security,” said Rony Yedidiya Clein, Charge D’ Affaires at the Embassy of Israel in India.
“We will be inaugurating the 30th centre of excellence next year as we celebrate the 30th year of our diplomatic relationship. And there are another 12 centres of excellence in the pipeline and the planning is in process,” Yedidiya Clein informed.
Indo-Israel bilateral relations have deepened since 1992 when full diplomatic ties were established.
The annual agricultural meet between India and Israel is expected to further strengthen through Mashav, a key functionary of Israel’s agency for international development cooperation.
“We hope India will work with us. There is always room for improvement. If we work together with the Indian Ministry of Agriculture and the farmers, we will be able to improve the centres,” says Yedidiya Clein.
Through the centre of excellence, Israel will be establishing 75 villages of excellence over the coming years. Both the countries expressed that they are working to reach out to more and more farmers.
Yair Eshel, Agriculture Attache, Mashav said, “India and Israel share a deep relationship, especially in terms of agriculture. There is cooperation and collaboration between India and Israel. We understand each other very well. Agriculture is a major activity in India. In India, if new technologies are bought, it can create a new movement in a short time.”
“Israel will be helping the farmers in not just enhancing income, but we will also be helping them in developing the structure of the agriculture which is our target. There are places in which more time is required. We have to create a new protocol which is to achieve the target,” observes Agriculture Attache.
During the worldwide COVID threat, Israel and India came closer and worked together in robust collaboration in areas such as defence equipment, medical kits, and diagnostic technologies.
In the section of ‘Israeli solutions for India and possibilities’ various stakeholders who are working in collaboration brought out the work done between two countries based on Israel’s latest innovative technologies.
India and Israel continue to share each other’s learning in various fields such as knowledge, innovations and technology.

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