Iraqi security services say foiled terrorist attack in Western province of Anbar

Anbar [Iraq] : The Iraqi security services announced on Sunday that they had prevented a terrorist attack in the country’s western province of Anbar.
“Our heroic police officers in Anbar were confronted by a booby-trapped vehicle, that terrorism was desperately trying to target a police station,” Anbar operations commander Nasser Ghannam said, as quoted by the state-run Iraqi News Agency (INA). Later in the day, the Security Media Cell, a service that reports data on security incidents in the country, provided more details on the incident.
“Through field follow-up and intensified intelligence efforts, security forces in Anbar province were able to surround a vehicle driven by a suicide terrorist on 100 Street in Ramadi,” the service said in a statement, as quoted by the INA, adding that “our security forces shot him, causing this terrorist to blow himself up inside the vehicle, without causing any casualties or material damage.”
The situation in Iraq has been highly unstable due to activities of the Islamic State terrorist group, which lost ground in the country in 2017, but continues to stage attacks.

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