Iran launches satellite-carrying rocket into space

Tehran[Iran]: Iran on Thursday launched a satellite-carrying rocket into space with three devices onboard, though it’s unclear if any of the objects entered orbit around the Earth, Deutsche Welle reported.
The launch comes when the negotiations in Vienna between Tehran and world powers over a landmark 2015 deal aimed at restricting Iran’s nuclear program are taking place. “The satellite-carrying Simorgh rocket successfully launched three devices into space,” Defense Ministry spokesperson Ahmad Hosseini told state television, DW reported.
In addition to that he also said, “For the first time, three devices were launched simultaneously to a distance of 470 kilometres (292 miles) at a speed of 7,350 meters per second”
Previously, Tehran had launched rockets but met with failed attempts. The US has always been a critic of the rocket launches by Tehran.
In 2015, Donald Trump signed a deal with Iran and lifted sanctions on Iran in return for control of its nuclear program. However, all the sanctions waived under JCPOA were re-imposed by the Trump administration.
Now, the US is eyeing to reach an agreement with Iran and the rocket launch is only adding up to tensions amid Vienna talks.

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