International Yoga Day 2022: Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress

International Yoga Day 2022: Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress

New Delhi [India]: Annually International Yoga Day 2022 is celebrated on June 21 to educate people about Yoga’s importance and the pivotal role it plays in leading towards a healthier lifestyle by rejuvenating our mind and body.

The Ministry of Ayush chose ‘Yoga for Humanity’ as the theme for the eighth International Yoga Day. It focuses on how yoga helps people in achieving holistic health and also depicts how yoga has helped humanity during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic by easing suffering.

The pandemic has had a major effect on our lives. Whether it was dealing with at-risk family members or patients, a roller-coaster economy, trying to juggle work, keeping kids occupied, or simply adjusting to a new, unfamiliar situation, several of us faced challenges that were stressful and overwhelming.

As stress impacts negatively on the body both physically and mentally, hence yoga helps to cope with it in a healthy way.

Yoga for stress is one of the tools to cope with it. When inner peace is nowhere to be found, it’s time to tune into the body. So, set aside just a few minutes each day to practice any of these poses, as the key to maintaining that zen and unlocking yoga’s benefits by making a habit out of that practice.


Excellent for relieving stress and anxiety, this pose involves curling up into a ball with your knees tucked under you and your chest near the mat.

Keep your arms out in front of you and rest your forehead on the mat. Stay in that position for at least 10 deep breaths.

Anulom Vilom

It’s a specific type of pranayama, or controlled breathing, in yoga. It involves holding one nostril closed while inhaling, then holding the other nostril closed while exhaling. The process is then reversed and repeated.

Doing this can bring better balance to your nervous system and less stress response and activity over time.


Take one foot and place it above the thigh of the supporting leg. Vriksasana is an advanced mountain pose, intended to improve the yogi’s balance and concentration. It also helps in strengthening the balancing muscles of our legs.


It is a reclining back-bending asana in hatha yoga. Begin by lying flat on your stomach and lifting your upper body. Bhujangasana is said to help relieve stress and it strengthens your arms, shoulders, and upper back.


Even if you want to opt-out of every other pose, please don’t miss out on this one as it simply involves laying down on your mat with your eyes closed. But from this small, deliberate movement come big changes to your stress levels.

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