Intel unveils one of its 13th gen Raptor Lake CPUs which reaches 6GHz at stock, 8GHz when overclocked

Washington [US]: American multinational technology company Intel has actually stated that at least among its upcoming 13th-generation CPUs, which is called Raptor Lake, will certainly have the ability to perform at 6GHz at stock.
According to The Brink, this detail was cooperated a slide onstage at Intel’s Modern technology Excursion 2022, which likewise claims the processor will can striking 8GHz when overclocked. Other improvements assured for this brand-new generation will certainly include a 15 per cent renovation in single-threaded performance as well as a 41 percent renovation in multi-threaded performance.
Intel’s 6GHz case is a shot across the bow at rival AMD, which recently claimed that its upcoming flagship 16-core Ryzen 9 7950X will be capable of boosting as much as 5.7 GHz, reported The Verge.
Although raw clock rates aren’t whatever when it involves performance, damaging the 6GHz obstacle would be a vital advertising win for Intel, which has actually been battling in recent times with a resurgent AMD in the CPU market.
The Raptor Lake CPU line-up is yet to be formally announced, so it’s unclear which or the amount of the generation’s processors will certainly be able to strike these type of clock speeds.
Given Intel’s 12900KS boosted up to 5.5 GHz (up 300MHz from the optimum 5.2 GHz speed on the regular i9-12900K), Intel’s 6GHz CPU may well be a KS-branded variation of its upcoming 13900K chip.
The official prices and release date info has actually not yet been revealed, but Intel is readied to disclose more details at its Innovation event in San Jose, California on September 27.

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