Intel unveils 5.5GHz Core i9-12900KS CPU


Washington [US]: At its recent event– CES 2022, Intel announced 12th Generation, limited edition CPU that can boost one of its cores up to 5.5GHz which will be a part of the so-called KS series.

The company has named the CPU- Core i9-12900KS, as per GSM Arena.
During the announcement, Intel showcased a demo of a configuration running Hitman 3 and the CPU maintained a solid 5.2GHz clock speed on all of its 8 performance cores.

Just like the standard Core i9-12900K, this one also has a set of 8 power-efficient E-cores. However, no additional information regarding temperatures or power draw was provided by the company.

According to GSM Arena, initially, the CPU will be available to OEMs only and later on will be available for purchase by the end-users.

No specific time frames were provided by the company.

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