Influencer ‘Rozy’ gains popularity, wearing Amore Hera and Lush Knot-Wraps


Seoul [South Korea]: She is Korea’s first virtual influencer, Rozy (22). There is a huge Rozy syndrome in overall retailing industries including food, fashion and beauty industry.

Rozy is the virtual human created by Sidus Studio X in August last year with 3D manipulation technology by collecting face data that was popular among MZ generations.
Model Han Hye Jin, Jang Yoon-ju and singer Lee Hyori’s agency ESteam is in charge of Rozy’s management. The virtual influencer market is expected to be grown to 14 trillion won within five years with the metaverse trend, in particular, the marketing strategies using virtual human are expected to expand worldwide.

In April, Rozy uploaded her photo having makeup with Hera Black Cushion on her Instagram. Black Cushion is one of the flagship products of Hera since it was released in 2017. The ‘New Black Cushion’ released in March has higher coverage. It perfectly covered Rozy’s freckle skin.

“The black case is also cute but its perfect coverage is the best!” Rozy said on her post. “There’s a day I want to conceal my freckles depending on my style, and I think today’s the day.”

Rozy also uploaded her all-black fashion outfits completed with black cushion. She wore black t-shirt, black short leggings and black jacket. She added a point with a bag, which looks like Prada Hobo bag. On the post, Rozy recommended the Black Cushion, saying, “The Black Cushion completes my outfits! It is my recent favorite item because it less rub off on the mask.”

Consumer response was also hot. Instagram users posted comments saying, “Wow, she looks like a real person,” “I think it is a real commercial.” Rozy also communicate with users by posting comments. When one user posted a comment saying “Advertiser: Satisfied,” Rozy replied “Lol, tI’m satisfied with your response.” Also, on the comment saying “Can a man use this?”, Rozy said “Of course.”

Rozy is the most popular influencer in Korea.

Lush’s Knot-Wraps is also an iconic item of Rozy’s fashion. It looks like a luxury brand’s scarf, but it the package wrap of the Lush product. Lush introduced fabric wraps to reduce package wastes in 2005.

The Knot-Wraps is made of polyester, which reuses plastic bottles, or organic fabrics produced by Indian Women’s Cooperative Society. It can be used as various items such as scarf, hairband, and bag, by upcycling.

Rozy has introduced how to make bag, bandana, and scarf top by using Knot-Wraps on her Instagram since June. She encouraged plastic-free actions, saying “A more special bag because I made it. It’s easy to make! Do you want to join?” She posted a photo wearing all-black outfits and a bandana made of Knot-Wraps.

She also recycled Knot-Wrap bandana as a scarf top. In other words, she showed the real upcycling, which means producing totally different products by adding values beyond the simple recycle.

Rozy has also encouraged eco-friendly activities. She participated in ‘It’s ok’ challenged held by GoodNeighbors, and said “It’s ok to refuse straws for Earth that gets hot every year.” She also visited Refill Station Almang shop in May. In addition, she participated in Go Go Challenge, which is held by Ministry of Environment to promote plastic-free movement.

She commented, “Reusing empty bottles or selecting eco-friendly brand products can be a big help to protect the environment.” (ANI/Global Economic)

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