Inflation tripled in Pakistan during Imran Khan’s tenure: PML-N

Lahore [Pakistan]: Inflation has tripled in Pakistan during the three-year tenure of Prime Minister Imran Khan-led government in the country, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) said issuing a white paper over the performance of the current government on Friday, local media reported.
PML-N leader Malik Mohammad Ahmad Khan, while releasing the white paper to the media, said that in the last three years of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government, it had become really hard for people to get wheat flour and sugar at reasonable rates due to unprecedented inflation, Pakistan’s The News International reported on Friday. Inflation in Pakistan caused an increase in food prices in the country, worsening conditions of lower-middle-income households.
Another PML-N leader Owais Leghari stressed that the Pakistan government did a lot of injustice to farmers adding that the price of wheat had been increased but the unit price of agricultural tube-wells, fertilizer, medicine and diesel had been doubled, according to The News International.
PML-N leaders also said that Imran Khan’s government eliminated 56 companies instead of leading them to betterment.
Stressing upon the increasing corruption in the revenue department, Owais said, “The governance is the real problem, law and order situation is very bad, political interference in police stations has increased a lot while the chief executive is transferring his own appointed officers after every three months.”

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