Imran Khan claims that the establishment enjoys ‘absolute power’ in Pakistan

Imran Khan claims that the establishment enjoys 'absolute power' in Pakistan.

The ex-prime minister says he had dissented with the army on the Chief Minister of Punjab and the anti-corruption campaign, November 17, 2022. Report

LAHORE: Ex-prime Minister Imran Khan has said the establishment practices “absolute authority” in Pakistan.

Speaking to journalists at his residence in Lahore on Thursday about his daily routine, the former prime minister said differences arose on his return from a visit to Russia.

Imran Khan said that the army chief considered that Pakistan would vote against the Russian aggression on Ukraine at the United Nations. At the same time, he thought that abstention would be more appropriate.

He said the army chief even briefed him about the situation concerning the American intimidation.

“I told him that Pakistan should follow an independent foreign policy.”

Speaking on occasion, He repeated that he had withdrawn from the army chief appointment. “Those in the government are fighting like cats and dogs, so let them fight it out.”

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