IMA Advises People To Avoid Public Gatherings As Well As International Travel Amid Fresh Covid-19 Cases

New Delhi: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has suggested people avoid public gatherings, which include wedding ceremonies, political or social conferences, and international travel amid a growing number of COVID-19 cases in a few countries, including China. In an advisory issued on Thursday, the IMA also appealed to human beings to move for vaccination against the viral disorder, take the precautionary dose, and follow Covid-suitable behavior consisting of using masks at public locations and following social-distancing norms.

According to reports, around five.37 lakh sparkling instances of the infection had been pronounced in a 24-hour length these days from countries which include America, Japan, South Korea, France and Brazil, the IMA said.

“With the strong infrastructure inside the public as well as the non-public quarter, devoted scientific manpower, proactive management help from the authorities and availability of enough drugs and vaccines, India can manage any scenarios as accomplished within the past,” it said.

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