‘I’m Only Human So It’s Hard….’Jennie Updates Official YouTube Channel

Seoul [South Korea]: K-pop group BLACKPINK’s Jennie updated her official YouTube channel.

Jennie updated a video on her YouTube channel on June 6 and said, “I’m only human so it’s hard to quit scrolling my phone after getting in bed.” “These days, I’m trying to turn off my phone, and play a movie I wanted to watch or music,” she added.

Jennie also said, “I’ve never tried because I was shy, but I want to work on my YouTube channel with my team. By talking with my crew, I want to make a nickname for our subscribers and more communication with them.”

Beforehand, a photograph taken on Jeju Island was posted on the web. In the delivered photograph, a couple accepted V and Jennie wears shades and drove on Jeju. Some brought up that Jennie and V posted photographs of Jeju’s outing on their web-based entertainment, making the reports more trustful.

Their agencies have still stayed silent over the rumours’.

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