I-Day : Delhi Police holds high-level meeting t

New Delhi [India], August 13 : A high-level meeting of top officials of Delhi Police is underway to discuss a new intelligence alert about miscreants who could try to infiltrate the security at the Red Fort on August 15.
“A high-level meeting of the top officials of the Delhi Police is underway. The agenda of the meeting is August 15 security and to discuss the fresh intelligence alert shared by the agencies,” sources told ANI. Sources further stated that as per the fresh alert, “miscreants and those with ideological leanings towards the Khalistani movement could portray themselves as Delhi Police personnel and try to infiltrate the Red Fort security”.
“An attempt could also be made to create a law and order situation at various religious sites in Delhi,” sources added.
Meanwhile, a full dress rehearsal was held at Red Fort on Friday morning.

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