Hybrid will be future work model in IT companies: HYSEA survey

Hyderabad, Aug 3: Hybrid will be the future work model being considered by the medium/large/very large (MLVL) companies, Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association (HYSEA) said in its survey report on’ future working models’ released here on Tuesday.
Small companies seem to have moved first in getting employees back to office while majority of the MLVL companies also want to get their employees back to office in 2021, the survey, which tried to highlight what MLVL companies are thinking, said.
The survey results are statistically sound with nearly 25 percent of HYSEA members responding to the survey and the companies that responded represent nearly 25 percent of the IT / ITeS population in Hyderabad.
Nearly 45 per cent of the respondents are GCCs (global companies with their technology operations in Hyderabad).
Across sizes, nearly 76 per cent of ALL companies have less than 9 percent WFO while among the MLVL ( > 500 employees) companies, this WFO (work from Office) percentage is less than 5 per cent.
This can be interpreted as an overwhelming majority of Hyderabad’s IT / ITeS employee base is still working from home (WFH).
91percent of the companies have more than 25 per cent of their workforce operating from outside Hyderabad.
A significant 53 percent of companies have more than 40 percent of their workforce operating from outside Hyderabad. This is more prevalent among the MLVL companies with the average being >40 percent.
Assuming an overall workforce of 6 lakh plus, this translates to nearly 2 lakh being outside Hyderabad. This factor is eventually turning out to be a big constraint in getting employees to return to office.
An overwhelming 70 per cent of MLVL companies feel hybrid will be the future work model and this is also in line with global trends, the report revealed.
73 percent of companies are looking to get minimum 10 percent and maximum 50 percent of employees back in office by December 2021 while the remaining 27 percent of the companies will be operating with less than 10 percent employees working from office by Dec 21, the report stated.
Among the MLVL companies, nearly 60 per cent are looking at getting more than 20 percent and in some cases, more than 50 percent of the employees back to office by the end of 2021.
This is a good indicator of return to office despite the constraints, the report said by the end of March 2022, 79 percent of companies (including MLVL) will have anywhere from 30 percent to 90 percent employees WFO. It translates to minimum 2 lakh and maximum 5 lakh employees back in offices by March 2022.

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