How to Tie Yeezys in East Steps – A Complete Guide 2023

How do you tie Yeezy bungee laces?
how to tie yeezys - How do you tie Yeezy bungee laces?

Yeezys are a popular type of sneaker made by fashion mogul Kanye West. Many people love their look and have begun wearing a double-knotted pair with their outfits as a fashion statement.

They are known for their breathable and comfortable design and the signature laces that give them an extra bit of style. Do you know how to tie yeezy infinity laces? If not, don’t worry because we have you covered.

If you want your Yeezy to look its best, it is essential to tie the laces properly so they stay in place all day long. In this article, we will explore how to tie Yeezys correctly. so, you can make sure yours always look great!

Tools Needed for Tying Yeezy Laces

To properly tie your Yeezy’s, you must first gather the necessary tools – two shoelaces (ribbon laces or flat laces work best), scissors or nail clippers, and optionally some clear mending tape if needed.

Once everything is ready to go, then it’s time to start tying!

Instructions For How to Tie Yeezys:

Here are some general instructions about tying the laces.

  • Place each lace between the second set of eyelets from the side closest to the heel swoosh logo (the bottom row). Make sure both laces are even, and neither one is longer than the other before tightening down onto each eyelet.
  • Next, cross over opposite sides until they meet in an “X” pattern inside an eyelet. But don’t pull tight just yet!
  • Now take hold of both ends, yanking firm downwards, so those top loops slip through corresponding lower ones securing across the front portion near the toe area, forming an ‘X’ shape and also finalizing a super strong bond, making knots impossible to undo or release afterwards without using a blade.
  • 4) We’re almost finished! Cut off excess string length close into two separate places. Be careful to cut away frayed ends level ground blades against metal surface trim cleaned regularly to ensure safe stay right place during wear time.

How to Tie Yeezys

How to Tie Yeezy 380: Step-by-Step Easy Guide

Here is the step-by-step guide about how to tie yeezy laces perfectly.  Follow these steps:

Step 1: Pull All the Lace Through Both Sides of The Shoes

The first step toward tying your Yeezy sneakers is pulling all the laces through both sides of the shoes from underneath and up over the top, ensuring each side lines up neat and evenly with one another at approximately even lengths.

This is easy if done correctly but may require some readjusting depending on where exactly you pull from beneath the shoe before guiding them outwards on either side aboveground level.

Step 2: Double Knot for Further Security

Now that everything has been pulled together neatly into two distinct sets (one per shoe,) loop back around after just enough space near itself, then double knot tightly yet gently.

Before setting off your adventure outside or inside, wherever chosen activities demand presence throughout any given day’s course, partaking entirely beyond reproach… safely speaking certainly!

Step 3: Adjust Tension Carefully to Personal Preference

Finally, inspect tension felt when testing its flexibility, being particularly mindful regarding overall levels preferable such intricacies refrained aptly everywhere involved next stepping away contentedly satisfied having experimented around until reaching desired results achieved ultimately quite simple indeed.

How to Tie Yeezys 350

Tying your Yeezy 350 sneakers is an essential skill for any sneakerhead. Not only does it make the shoes look good, but it also makes them more comfortable and secure.

With a few simple steps, you can learn how to tie your Yeezy 350s so that they look great and feel great. Follow these tips and tricks to ensure your shoes are snugly secured on your feet all day long.

Easy, safe, and out of this world, this lacing method is your best bet and here’s how to do it step by step:

  1. For shoes without laces, slip your feet into your Yeezys to match your taste.
  2. Pull both straps a little to tighten the fit.
  3. Holding both laces together, clamp the ends of the laces.
  4. Wrap two shoelaces around two fingers, forming a loop.
  5. Thread the two ends of the shoelaces through the hoop to create a standard knot, and you are good to go.

How to Tie Yeezys 700

If you’re a fan of the Yeezy Boost 700s, you know that lacing them up correctly can make all the difference in how they look and fit.

So, whether you want the classic “straight bar” look or something more creative, this guide will help you get the perfect lacing technique for your Yeezy Boost 700s. So then, create the ideal bow by following these simple tips and tricks.

1) Make sure both sides of the lace are even. To do this, remove the laces and reread them, so they are the same length at each eyelet.

2) Double-knot the loop for a more secure attachment. After looping, swinging and pulling, tie the two “bunny ears” together to form this double knot.


With these steps above, anyone should easily be able to master the art of how tie yeezy boost 350 v2. In addition, by equipping themselves with professional-grade DIYing skills, you can easily show off unique style awesomely crafted masterpiece ‘outfit’ combos.


How should yeezys be tied?

Try to cross one lace on the other and feed one lace gap beneath the cross, and back out.

How do you style Yeezy laces?

From traditional methods like double knotting and lace swapping to more modern techniques like weaving and braiding, there are plenty of options available for you to express yourself through your sneakers.

How do you tie Yeezy bungee laces?

With Yeezy bungee laces, you don’t need to worry about tying a knot or double-knotting your shoes.


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