How To Tie a Wrap Dress for A Perfect Fit: Styling Tips

How To Tie a Wrap Dress
How To Tie a Wrap Dress

Dive into the stylish realm of wrap dresses! Their allure lies in their simplicity and adaptability. But how to tie a wrap dress can be a puzzle. No need to fret. We’re here with seven savvy style tips to guide you in tying your wrap dress flawlessly.

What Is a Wrap Dress?

So, a wrap dress, or a tie-waist dress as some folks call it, is this super cool dress that doesn’t need buttons or zippers. You secure the dress around your body by tying it up with strings or sashes. It gives you this elegant V-neckline and a flattering A-line shape.

The dress features an open front with two side panels, each attached with strings. One string is designed longer than the other to allow for overlapping of the panels. There’s also a small hole on one side to pull the longer string through.

The popularity of this wrap dress skyrocketed in the 70s, largely due to the influence of fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg.

She got the idea from those comfy house dresses women wore in the 1930s, known as “Hooverettes.” And guess what? The wrap dress is still rocking the fashion world today!

How To Tie a Wrap Dress with Attached Strings


1. Step into the Dress:

Imagine you’re putting on your favourite jacket, but instead, it’s a wrap dress from Shein or TikTok. Slide your arms through the armholes, and let the dress hang loosely. Ensure it sits nicely on your shoulders and the neckline is right.

2 . Wrap the Left Side:

Move the left side of the dress across your body, like you’re putting on a scarf. Make sure it covers your chest properly. Adjust the fabric until it fits the way you want.

3. Find the Seam Hole:

Time for a bit of hide-and-seek. There’s a small hole in the seam on the right side of the dress. Your mission is to find it – it might be hiding in the fabric’s folds!

4. Thread the String Through:

Found the hole? Great! Now take the long string from the left side of the dress and guide it through that seam hole. This will pull the dress in at your waistline. Adjust until it feels comfortable.

5. Cross Over the Left Side:

Next, bring the rest of the left panel of the dress across your body. It should cover most of the right side now. If needed, tweak the neckline by giving it a gentle lift.

6. Wrap the Long String Around:

Trap the long string you’ve just threaded through the seam hole and wrap it around your back. This helps keep the dress securely in place.

7. Tie the Dress:

Last step! Tie the long and short strings together in a bow. Make sure it’s tight so the dress doesn’t open up. For extra security, try to tie a double knot.

How To Tie a Wrap Dress Using Safety Pins with No Holes

1. Wrap it Right: 

Begin by draping the left half of your dress snugly across your chest towards the right. Adjust the neckline to get your desired coverage. The great thing about wrap dresses is they flatter all bust sizes, creating an illusion of a smaller bust if needed.

2. Pin it Down:

Take a medium-sized safety pin and attach the left side of the dress to the seam under your right arm. Insert the pin vertically from the inside so it sits on the seam. This clever trick prevents your dress from slipping down. Place the pin below your bust, closer to your armpit, for a flattering waistline.

3. Cover it Up:

Now, you need to bring the right side of the dress over the left side. Pull it across your chest, positioning the seam at the side of your midsection. This gives your dress a well-structured look.

4. Secure it Tight:

Once you’re happy with the fit (remember, it should be comfortable!), fasten the right side of the dress with another safety pin.

Place this pin parallel to your belly button for a neat finish. If your dress comes with an attached sash, feel free to use that instead for a chic knot around your waist.

5. Accessorize it Well (Optional):

If your wrap dress has side loops, you can run a belt or tie through them. If not, find a belt that complements your dress, adding an extra touch of style to your outfit.

7 Tips to Rock a Wrap Dress in Your Style

Sure, here are the same tips but with shorter sentences:

1. Layer Up: Add a chic blazer or denim jacket over your dress.

2. Shoe Game: Sneakers for casual vibes, stilettos for elegance.

3. Accessories: Pendant necklaces complement V-necks. Don’t forget bold earrings or bangles.

4. Secure Neckline: Use a brooch or safety pin for modesty If you find the V-neck too plunging. A camisole works too.

5. Try Prints: Floral or geometric prints make a statement.

5. Seasonal Dressing: Woollen for cold months, light cotton for warm ones.

Belt it Out: Swap the tie with a bold belt to highlight your waist.

In A Nutshell,

Mastering these wrap dress hacks can make this versatile piece even more flattering and comfortable. Knowing how to tie a wrap dress knot correctly is critical, but don’t forget about accessorizing.

Choosing the right shoes, and layering. With these tips, you’ll rock your wrap dress in any situation.


How do you wear a wrap dress with a large bust?

First off, forget pinning at the chest. Instead, pull that wrap tight and secure it below your bust, near your waist. No stretching or tearing – yay!

For a chill vibe, throw on a white tee under your dress. It’s trendy and comfy.

Lastly, spice things up with a lacy bralette from your neckline. Choose one designed for larger busts, and you’re good to go!

How do you tie a wrap over a dress?

  • Start by taking the end of the left tie and feeding it through the loop on the right side of the dress.
  • Pull the panel over once you’ve pulled it all the way through.
  • Bring both ties to the back, crossing them over.
  • Bring them back to the front and fasten them to the left side of the dress.

How to tie a dress with four strings

To tie a dress with four strings, tie the top strings together before you put the dress on. Once tied into a bow, slip the dress over your head.

From here, you can adjust the fit by untying and retying the bow, keeping the initial knot in place for adjustment. Now tie the back strings together with a fit as you want!


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