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When Feelings Are Not Reciprocated?

No feelings are easy, especially when you have to gauge not only your own but of the other person in a relationship, too. Whether you have a crush or are unable to read someone who have been dating for months, the fear of the unrequited is enough to drive you up the wall. Before these feelings manifest into irreparable damage, take active control and understand your situation better. Here are seven ways to know they may not be as taken by you as you are by them.

1. They Never Have Time For You

Its understandable that a person can be busy every once in a while, have late hours at the office, and a cancelled date or two are inevitable. But when they have been leaving you stood up often while they maintain a social life and regularly meet their friends, it may be time to revaluate your position and what you mean to them. Their disenchantment or disinterest can also be apparent in a pattern of unanswered texts or calls.

2. They Do Not Really Listen To You 

Is there equilibrium in conversation or are they talking about themselves? Is any conversation that isn’t about them ending brusquely? They should be asking questions and often. If they are interested, truly, they would want to know you better. Another thing that is often overlooked, when they do happen to listen, is that do you feel secure and understood or judged and ridiculed?

3. What Matters To You Doesn’t To Them

You will have people in your life who do not understand your passions, goals, dreams and the nuances of who you are. That, however, should not be the case for your romantic partner. This point kind of plays on the last one. If they are never listening, they would not know. They should be able to share with you in your victories and be able to console in the loses. If there are things you are particular about, things as little as how you like your coffee, or as vital as where you can and cannot live, they should be able to respect the same.

4. They Are Just Not Interested In Talking

When there is reciprocity of emotion, there is reciprocity of action. If you find yourself constantly initiating conversations while they don’t or are often stuck with responses that are a dead end to a conversation, chances are, they may be on a different tangent than you. This might lead you to feel as if they have not told you too much about themselves as a person. Some people are just secretive or quiet, shy, even, but if your romantic interest if relatively outgoing or social, there is a problem.

5. Check How Public You Are As A Couple

As a crush you cannot expect to meet friends, but are they okay with being seen outside? If you have been dating, how many friends have you met? How much they are willing to reel you into their life, to involve you in their circles, to have you meet people who matter to them speaks volumes. If they seem to conceal you, request you to not make your involvement apparent for reasons you cannot fathom, it is a major red flag. This is one situation with almost no grey area, don’t be treated this way.

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