How to Keep Baby Skin Healthy

Baby’s skin is soft and thinner than adult’s skin are, and substances can easily pass through their skin(permeable skin ) so care is to be taken while using steroid creams, parabens or antibiotics. Though baby skin does heal faster than adult skin.

The skin barrier of infants does not mature fully till there are 1 to 2 years so extra care is needed in the early years.

Baby skin cannot regulate temperature well so assure ideal surrounding temp and if baby has a rash most commonly heat or clothing material is responsible.

Babies get sunburned easily avoid too much sun exposure between 10 am to 4 pm and use sunscreen regularly.

Also baby skin need good moisturizing as the natural moisturizing concentration is lower in baby skin.

The ph of the skin plays a vital part in baby skin, babies have a ph of 7 at birth and it becomes 5 and 5.5, adult skin has acidic ph, the acidic ph provides us protection from infection and affects our skin flora.

Skin issues, heat rash or milaria looks like tiny red bumps happens as the baby cannot regulate temperature well, to avoid get the baby out of the heat and dress the baby in light cotton clothing
atopic dermatitis – dry patchy areas on the skin can be oozing or crusting and is very itchy, can be troublesome for the baby.causes can be genetic or family history ,asthma allergy to products or foods or clothing or soaps or perfumes or fabric softeners.

Try to find the cause and eliminate,use moisturize as often as possible can use cold-pressed coconut oil and soap free cleanser, bad cases on doctor recommendation a steroid contact dermatitis – skin reaction if baby has come in contact with a new soap or detergent, generally at the site of contact, removal of the agent and moisturizer if bad a steroid diaper rash – rash in the diaper area red fiery can have boils due to infrequent diaper change leading to contact with skin of urine and feaces , friction with diaper in the area, allergy to detergent or diaper material or wipes used to clean the area. Growth of other infections like candida in the area.

Cradle cap or seborrhea looks like dandruff but can become yellow and scaly in the hair or around the ears or eyebrows to avoid wash the area well or use a oil and then a good shampoo.

Eczema is common in kids it appears as dry red itchy patches in the skin folds , there can be oozing or crusting if it gets worse. Treatment would be to identify the allergen , breast feed the babies , avoid hot baths , use a bath emollient like the oilatum range,use a moisturizer regularly , identify if the child has food allergy or inhalant allergy or products or certain sports that involve dust exposure.

Good ingridents chamomile, allantoin,oatmeal, coconut oil, vitamin e, calendula, shea butter, almond oil free from fragrance , mineral oil, and parabens

If children are sun exposed they should use with physical blockers like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as risk of allergy is minimal , avoid direct sun exposure or sun bathing as skin is delicate and they can get dehydrated very soon. Can use sebamed range for babies .

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