5 Ways to Keep C-section Incision Dry When Overweight

how to keep c-section incision dry when overweight

With advancements in diagnosis and treatments, the rate of cesarean sections is also increasing daily. Therefore, it is important to keep the site clean and dry to prevent infection. Keeping the c-section incision dry in overweight females is a very important aspect.

In this blog, we will guide you about keeping a c-section incision dry when overweight and getting back on the healing track with some simple tips. Continue reading to learn about the incision care, including incision cleaning and drying over time.

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5 Ways to Keep C-section Incision Dry When Overweight

One of the frequent concerns in patients is how to keep a c-section incision dry when they are overweight.

First, you can get instructions from your doctor for the best care of your incisions with topical products or antibiotics. This will be the best resource for all the medical knowledge about the healing journey.

5 Ways to Keep C-section Incision Dry When Overweight

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Your gynecologist will tell you about the antibiotics course to keep with the incision fast healing. Additionally, for home care, you can read about some popular solutions to keep the incision dry.

Here we share some common things to perform if you have had a cesarean section for the baby’s delivery.

Follow the following things to dry your incision quickly being overweight:

1: Wear suitable clothing and undergarments.

Make sure you are prepared for the cesarean, no matter what. Try to use light and loose clothing and undergarments.

For example, wear high-waisted underwear that gives your wound enough space, which is an integral part of healing. Also, invest in soft cotton clothes and let your skin breathe well.

Do not choose heavy clothes that don’t allow the passing of air. The loose and light fabric helps in drying incisions. Moreover, overweight females must get customized clothing so that it doesn’t touch the skin or wound.

2: Use a sanitary napkin.

In addition to your clothes, you can get your hands on sanitary napkins that are beneficial for absorbing the extra moisture.

sanitary napkins

Purchase the softest of all that has absorbing properties. Use the sanitary napkin on the incision side and stick it with your underwear to secure it.

Sometimes mothers prefer sterile and clean cloth diapers that are also good. Make sure whatever kind of sanitary napkin you use, change it regularly before the moisture seeps into it.

3: Air it out.

To keep the incision dry in obese or overweight mothers, looking after the wounds is important. For this step, let the fresh air circulate through your body once in 24 hours. You can also use the hand dryer or blower to get some fresh air to dry the incision. Don’t forget to get permission from your ob-gyn.

4: Tapping the belly.

One of the problems in overweight mothers is how to treat infected c-section incisions at home. The problem can be solved by holding the belly to aid the drying process.

Taping up the belly away from the incision is needed to keep the incision dry and site infection and sweat-free. The best way is to hold the belly in any way and dry the incision daily with a fan or hairdryer.

5: Take it slow.

Healing from the cesarean section is quite challenging and intensive time. So, one must be patient the whole time. Take it low and pass the post-partum depression with being relaxed. Keeping the incision dry and clean and take the process slow.

One important part of drying the incision is to be patient. Although it is quite tough o look after a baby and also looks after the incision but the best advice is to take it slow.

Mostly the doctors recommend abstaining from doing home chores, weight lifting, and other strenuous activities that can result in sweating.

Avoid all such activities for six weeks and let your body heal first. In addition, take the rest that your body needs after the longest period of pregnancy and ask for any kind of help needed.

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How do you clean an overweight C-section incision?

Once you are discharged after a cesarean section, your Ob-Gyn will change the dressings so that you heal incision dry at home. Do you know how to keep the c-section incision dry in the shower?

Keeping up with the healing process at home is also quite a task. At some point, you are going to shower, and then keeping the wounds dry and clean must be the first thing on your mind.

To keep the incision clean, doctors suggest using an unscented soap to wash the rest of your body or using salt water on the c-section wound. C-section scar smells if they are not dried well or if there is an infection.

So, use a dry towel or a clean cloth to wipe water and moisture from the c-section incision. Be mindful of not using any loofa or scrubbing your belly flap over the c-section scar.

If the circumstances allow, use the hairdryer or blow dryer at the lowest temperature to dry the incision.

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To sum up, c-section incisions are not easy to dry. It is important to keep the wound dry to avoid sweating, which can cause infection.

Following the right cleaning and drying methods can help quick drying incisions. Take the instructions from your ob-gyn before discharge and follow them at home to allow quick drying of wounds.


How do I keep my C-section dry with overhang?

Using an overhang for drying the c-section incision is a good idea. If you have an overhang, place some gauze in the skin fold to keep it dry.

Is it normal for a C-section incision to be moist?

Yes, it is normal for the c-section incision to be moist. However, it may take up to 6 weeks for complete drying.

Can I put baby powder on my c-section incision?

Avoid using any baby powder or baby lotions on your incision. Let it dry first.



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