4 Amazing Tips For Treating Popcorn Shells Stuck in Throat

how to get popcorn kernel out of throat
how to get popcorn kernel out of throat

Popcorn is one of the favorite snacks when watching a movie or your favorite Netflix show. However, as much as kids love to eat popcorn, it is possible that the popcorn can get stuck in the throat, which can be a terrible experience. Do you know how to get stuck popcorn kernel out of your throat? If not, don’t worry, as we have covered for you. 

This blog will share popcorn kernels stuck in a toddler’s throat. How to remove popcorn kernel out of gums, and the best home remedy for popcorn hull in the throat. Continue reading and learn some amazing tips and tricks to treat popcorn shells stuck in the throat for days.

4 Amazing Tips For Treating Popcorn Shells Stuck in The Throat

4 Amazing Tips For Treating Popcorn Shells Stuck in The Throat

1: Drink a liquid

Removing popcorn from the throat or gums is not easy at all. However, there are different methods of getting the popcorn unstuck from the throat.

One major thing is that the popcorn must not remain stuck in the throat for longer as it can cause irritation or issues with breathing.

Only some methods may work out for you, but at least you can try them. One method is to drink plenty of water, milk, or soda to help the popcorn pass into the digestive tract.

The goal is to flush the kernel out of the throat with a drink. Drinking plenty of water can pass the kernel easily. Additionally, make an extra effort by tilting your chin down towards your chest and swallowing forcefully.

The carbonated drinks may be better suited to free the lodged popcorn in your throat with some carbonated gas. If the water doesn’t work, try drinking something else like a frizzy drink or soda.

Also, try gargling rather than just drinking, and be careful as it can pass to your nose and may result in some nose injury. If that doesn’t work out, try eating sticky food like bread, banana, or rice.

A water rush is commonly helpful in most cases, but you can also eat some smoothies. The denser the drink or smoothy is, the more the chances are to pull the popcorn down with it.

2: Try coughing it out.

If popcorn gets tucked in the throat, try coughing it out to loosen the stuck hull. Depending on the position of the stuck kernel, it may dislodge from the position by some intentional coughing.

However, keep it light and perform intentional coughing in breaks, as longer coughing can irritate the lining of the esophagus.

3: Eat something.

Try eating something heavy and dense to dislodge the stuck popcorn kernel. According to the research, it is quite successful in helping with the stuck popcorn hull.

Although there is no scientific evidence about the type of food, many people have successfully removed the stuck popcorn by eating bananas, crackers, bread, rice, and ice cream.

It makes sense as eating is the potential to scarping, softens, or loosen the tiny popcorn hull hanging out in your throat. So, eat something to remove the stuck popcorn in your gums, teeth, or throat.

3: A water flosser may help.

Popcorn hulls are hard and are easy to stick in the throat. If you feel like popcorn is stuck in your throat, don’t panic or wait. Try using a water flosser to spray the kernel.

Water flossers are good for removing popcorn residues as they are used in removing tonsil stones. They can easily remove the popcorn kernel depending on the position.

Ensure the spray is on the lowest setting and does not disturb your throat. Start by spraying the flosser water from the outside of your mouth and moving it to the back side of your mouth into the throat.

4: Seek medical help

If no home remedies work out for you and you still feel the irritation in your throat due to the stuck popcorn kernel, seek medical help.

Reach out to your local help center immediately if you have trouble breathing. If you feel it is painful and discomfortable, reach out to an ER without wasting your time. Explain the whole situation and let them do their thing.

If you have trouble breathing, eating or drinking something, or even passing your saliva, discuss it with the expert and get the right treatment. Sometimes, popcorn loosens up and leaves some residues that can irritate the throat’s inner lining.

Other Ways to Get the Popcorn Out

While most of the time, popcorn kernel removes easily by coughing, drinking water, or eating something.

Do you know how to get popcorn kernel out of teeth?

Use regular floss to remove the popcorn kernel and its residues from gums. Moreover, you can also use a toothpick if available at home.

If no option helps, here are a couple more options you can try combined with some home remedies.

Waterpik: Use a Waterpik to wash out the popcorn down in the throat. A Waterpik is a tool that is used to blast many food debris between the teeth. Do not use it in high power. Instead, be gentle on your throat.

Another option is to scratch your throat lining. Afterward, use the throat smoothening spray to soothe the irritation. Hopefully, these additional options work for your issue.


How long can a popcorn kernel stay in your throat?

As far as the timing is concerned, it is estimated that a popcorn kernel stays in the throat for 2 hours to days.

Why does it feel like I have a popcorn kernel in my throat?

It irritates the throat lining and makes scratches on the lining. As a result, you feel discomfort while breathing, drinking, or eating something.

Can saliva dissolve popcorn kernels?

No. Saliva is not able to melt or dissolve the popcorn kernels.

Will a popcorn kernel dissolve in your throat?

Popcorn doesn’t melt or soften when exposed to saliva, drink, or food. They only pass out to the digestive tract.



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