Winning Over Your Husband; Secrets to Getting Him on Your Side

Winning Over Your Husband; Secrets to Getting Him on Your Side
how to get my husband on my side

Do you know that 49% of people in the USA are not happy in their relationships? Many women complain about their tricky in-laws. But what’s even worse? Our guide reveals the secrets to winning him over to your side, with tips and strategies that really work.

When your own husband doesn’t support you. It’s an awful feeling that can create doubts about his love for you.

You start thinking, “does my husband love me? Is he making someone else a priority over me?” These dirty questions have got some severe risks to your marriage.

After all, your spouse should be the one you turn to for support, comfort, and love. If he’s always putting his parents or others first, how are you supposed to build trust and intimacy in your marriage?

He should prioritize you above all else.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some powerful strategies to answer your query ”how to get your husband on your side” and make your marriage a priority.

Understanding the Issue and Your Marriage

As a woman, it’s tough when you see your husband taking others’ side against you. The first step is to determine what causes this problem and what factors contribute to it.

Research suggests that communication is the heart of any relationship — miscommunications and a lack of trust and respect can often be at the root of the problem. Your relationship may be strained because of unresolved conflicts or misunderstandings.

Psychologists says that communication not only revolves around words or information you pass out, but it also involves feelings and thoughts one tries to share with someone.

As your husband’s wife, you must realize this aspect and learn his love language.

Husbands express and experience love in different ways – and it’s essential to identify and understand your partner’s love language so you can meet their emotional needs better.

This can help deepen your connection and improve communication with your husband.

Additionally, if your husband feels overwhelmed or stressed, he may have a more challenging time being supportive.

Other factors, such as different values or priorities, can also make it challenging for you and your husband to be on the same page.

It’s important to identify the underlying issues and work together to address them to improve your relationship and build a stronger partnership.

Winning Over Your Husband; Secrets to Getting Him on Your Side

Expert Suggest 5 Proven Tactics to Get Your Husband on Your Side

When getting your husband closer to you and always supporting you, you have to follow different psychological tricks and patterns. We’ve brought 5 ways that experts suggest to get your husband on your side.

1.    Get Special – Prioritize Your Husband’s Needs

Husbands also need close attention and someone that listens to their perspectives carefully — just like you do as your husband’s wife.

Prepare a list of what your husband likes and dislikes. Eliminate the things your husband dislikes and prioritize his favorites.

For the time being, forget “what things I like about my husband” – focus more on him. Simply put aside your own desires and see things from his angle. Get something special for your husband.

Theories state that when you deviate from the normal and expected behavior to making it special, youe spouse gives you more attention.

For instance, if you prepare a normal dinner for your husband daily — it is a normal and expected behavior, but when you prepare his favorite dish and decorate the dining table with candlelight and his favorite music in a slow tone – it becomes special.

2.    Practice Self-love and Focus on Yourself to Get Your Husband on Your Side

Express your love in different ways and make him realize how much he’s special to you. Show gratitude, value, and appreciation to him.

Take responsibility for what you do and accept your miss dues to strengthen your relationship.

Don’t think about “does my husband love me” if you can express your feeling and love in any way (words or actions) for him, he will more likely be attracted toward you and be on your side.

You need to speak love languages —  Dr. Gary Chapman suggests five Love Languages, including gift-giving, quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, and acts of service.

It explains the psychology behind each love language and the practical applications that can benefit your relationships.

You should know the importance of expressing love through actions tailored to your husband’s preferred love language. It will positively impact your relationships and put your husband on your side.

3.    Be More Romantic

The importance of romance in a relationship is essential for your love. According to research, 40% of US citizens stated that there is no love possible without romance in a relationship.

To get your husband’s attention and always make him on your side, you need to deepen your love — romance plays a crucial role here. Be supportive and become a shoulder for him to lean on. You can convince him for an outing or date on weekends – or simply have romantic chats.

4.    Working Together – Loyalty and Intimacy in Marriage

Teamwork plays an essential role in getting your man on your side! Start by communicating effectively and understanding each other’s needs.

Spend quality time together to build a stronger attachment and make each other a top priority.

Psychologist Robert Sternberg’s triangular theory of love states that love has three parts: Intimate — when you are very close to someone.

Passion — when you get attracted to someone. Commitment — when you’re with them through thick and thin.

So basically, love is a mixture of feeling incredibly connected, getting all hot and bothered – and committing to stick it out with that special someone.

When you spend more quality time together, you’ll likely get attracted and have your husband on your side.

5.    Seeking Help and Finding a Solution

If your husband often sides with his parents and starts arguing with you, you may need to have a heart-to-heart conversation with his mother to show him the light.

If the parents really love their son, they should step back and let him live her best and happy marriage life. Conceding that doesn’t work, you can consult the couples counselor – he might help you in the matter.

But if all else fails – considering divorce may be an option.

Wrapping Up!

To have a long-lasting and healthy marriage, you need to put in the effort and communicate effectively with your partner.

Husbands need to be realized this so that you get them on your side.

And when it comes to aging parents, remember that having a strong bond with your spouse can make tough times easier.

Make sure your partner understands that while showing love and respect to his parents or anyone else – you always come first.

Keep your love alive and your marriage lit!

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