How to Eat to Live, Elijah Muhammad Book Review

How to Eat to Live, Elijah Muhammad Book Review
How to Eat to Live

How to Eat to Live is a series of two books published by one of the renowned writers, Elijah Muhammad, in the 1960’s. The series of books “How to Eat to Live” cover the philosophies about a healthy lifestyle that comes from healthy eating. The book How to Eat to Live is great for its reviews as it has amazing information for weight loss and living longer.

In this blog, we will share a series of two books known for their amazing tips for weight management. So, continue reading and learn what these books hold to keep up with health and weight loss.

“How to Eat To Live” Book Review

How to eat to Live is an unamazing book that inspires you to get in real shape and compromise everything in your life except your health. The author emphasizes the weight loss journey with some achievable goals.

People who have read this book highly recommend it to individuals who continuously struggle to maintain a certain body weight.

Lastly, the book was published decades ago, showing how authentic it is and still fits the current health struggles. Lastly, it has some amazing lessons that can help individuals to deal with extra pounds.

Lessons from How to Eat to Love

The amazing read for food lovers shares three lessons for a healthy lifestyle in the book “How to Eat to Live”. First, it says that the odds are against eating and longevity.

The author shares that a balanced life is made with constant effort and struggle for weight management.From picking the right fruits and veggies, the timing is very important.

For instance, eating something within an hour after waking up is important.  Here are three lessons from the book.

1: The stuff we eat daily mostly needs the proper nutrients and elements required to keep up with optimal fitness levels.

2: To lose weight, add plenty of fruits, beans, and vegetables to your diet in raw or steamed form. Vegetables and fruits in raw form have plenty of antioxidants and other nutrients that protect against illness and infections.

3: “How to eat to Live” suggest that eating a lot of nutrients per calorie will improve your overall health and well-being.

You must read the book series to learn about a healthy lifestyle and keeping up with your fitness. Here we also share the lessons in detail so that it also helps you in a certain way.

Lesson 1: 

The first lesson is that you can’t keep up with optimal fitness levels if you keep eating nutrient-deficient foods. Well, this is true for all. We all know which food is good or unhealthy for overall health.

Still, thinking about some junk food always excites the cravings, and we end up ordering one. Likewise, we know that the beverages and frizzy drinks are bad. Still, we intend to take a cold drink every other day.

Unfortunately, we take bad decisions, and when they take a toll on our health, we regret it. The writer of the book “How to Eat to Live” emphasizes a moderate diet with no side effects. If a stomach of your size is the average person’s, you can only hold a liter of food.

So, why not take all the fruits and vegetables that are merely 200 to 500 calories? Not only will you feel light, but also you will have all the ingredients needed for body functioning and growth.

Remember that your body needs ingredients such as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins to keep the body running with efficient energy, not calories. So, must count on the major nutrients than the calories which just go into the belly fat.

Lesson 2: 

The second lesson derived from the book is that healthy people must eat food with a lot of nutrients per calorie.

Having a diet built around the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other components needed for body functioning is important. The best wisdom is to eat a plant-based diet as it is the most nutritious.

Make sure you take a diet with enough calories to fulfill your daily nutrients. However, do not make your body addicted to the calories that are void and don’t have enough nutrients to support your bodily needs.

Instead, divide your meals, so you take every component, such as proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, daily.

Plant-based diets get a lot of reputation as the meal is simple but not so fancy. But, the plant-based diet gives you everything you need for survival.

For instance, spinach is only 51% of protein, while a cheeseburger only comes with 20% protein. So, be wise and choose your food accordingly.

Lesson 3: 

The last and third lessons suggest that to live a life without illness, you must rely on your body on all organic food. This means that the processing and refining of the food ingredients alternate the calories and mess up their health benefits.

Eating processed food adds calorie to your body and mess up the body’s ability to tell when it is hungry. If you want to manifest a healthy and long life, eat pure and natural food.

Evidence suggests that refined and processed food comes with the risk of cancer and other diseases. However, a better selection of the food ingredients in your meal plate greatly impacts your overall health.

For example, eating nuts and dry fruits help you boost your immunity. Likewise, drinking enough milk daily makes the bones dense and strong. Likewise, other natural food items have additional benefits that can’t be neglected at any cost.


We take a major lesson from the book “How to Eat to Live” that health is wealth. The writer advises the readers to eat fruits, vegetables, and other organic food that is the fruit of Earth. If you want your body to tell you when and what to eat, consume organic things and keep up with your health goals naturally.



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