How New-Age Matrimonial Sites Are Turning More Secure

What are the three words that everyone wants to hear these days, apart from the ones that we can easily predict? – It’s a match? (Well, almost three.)

Indeed, be it a matter of dating or of marriage, a match is what everyone’s looking for. Gone are the days when a wing mate would provide support to someone. Now, that role lies with technology, precisely a compatibility algorithm powered by artificial intelligence (AI). We have heard about AI in our cars and phones to whatnot, and now, the same technology is helping people find love or a life partner.

The world is changing rapidly and although a few websites did make it easy for people to find their life partners, there was still something missing in the entire process. People were sometimes conned by false details, or the fee involved was too high for people to subscribe to them. Also, in several cases, privacy was breached due to data leaks. This made people either to return to the conventional process or look for new and reliable platforms to finding the right person easy for them.

Enter new-age matrimonial sites or apps. These have learned from their peers’ mistakes and incorporated a robust system that is efficient and easy for individuals to search for that special someone. Rahul Namdev, CEO and Co-founder at tells us why you should consider these new age matrimonial sites before taking a plunge.

1. Security And Privacy

These sites are making online environment robust with data security and privacy. With new features coming in, genuine data can be used while eliminating misinformation or fraud to bring credibility in the profiles. Earlier, matrimonial sites had little check points in place to verify details so people would fall for false information and later regret it. However, the new ones are using their resources to create credible platforms so that all the data points shared by the users are verified and genuine to build trust with the users.

2. Negate The Influence
Indian society is progressing by giving the charge to individuals to find their life partners, unlike earlier times when the decision was mostly influenced by how others think about the match. Times, however, have changed. This is one of the shifts happening these days as people can use these new portals to learn about one another’s interests, likes and dislikes, and have conversations before taking things ahead. Therefore, the interaction between the individuals is authentic and in the long term, both can figure out the compatibility.

3. Save Time And Money

Usually, the search cost is high to find a match on any site, plus they require extensive data input which takes a lot of time. With the new ones, the search cost is minimised as AI plays its part to get relevant results for people. They help users with curated profiles for a more pointed experience. Algorithms play a key role here as it picks profiles using data in a manner so that like-minded individuals can be clubbed together.

4. A Simplified Process Via New-Age Apps
The latest technology simplifies the user experience for people by registering their hobbies, interests and other choices to align them with a person of similar interests. Yet again, algorithms do their magic to connect like-minded individuals so that people don’t end up losing crucial time after putting in massive efforts.

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