Houthis call on foreign companies to leave UAE as conflict escalates

Sana’a [Yemen] (ANI/Sputnik): Yemen’s Houthi movement has called on foreign companies to pull out of the United Arab Emirates following a series of airstrikes against Yemen by the US-Saudi-UAE coalition, Yahya Sare’e, a spokesman for the Houthi armed forces, said on Friday.
“After the crimes committed by US-Saudi-UAE aggression today against Yemeni people , we advise the foreign companies in Emirates to leave because they invest in an unsafe country and the rulers of this country continue in their aggression against Yemen,” Sare’e said on Twitter. On Monday, several Houthi drones targeted the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi, including the construction site of a new airport and fuel tankers near depots of oil company ADNOC, killing three people and injuring six others.
In response, the Saudi-led coalition launched a campaign against Houthis, targeting their warehouses and other infrastructure. The movement accused the allies of bombing residential areas in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, destroying houses and killing over 20 people. The international human rights organization Save the Children, in turn, reported at least 63 people dead, including 3 children, and 100 injured in a series of air strikes on Yemen on Friday.
The conflict between Yemen government forces and the Houthi rebels started in 2014. The situation deteriorated further after the military coalition led by Saudi Arabia joined the conflict in 2015 on the side of the Yemen government and began conducting air, land and sea operations against the Houthis. (Image source: Instagram)

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