‘Hindutvavadi’ bathes alone in Ganga’, Rahul Gandhi takes dig at PM Modi

Amethi (Uttar Pradesh) [India]: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday again spoke about Hindu versus Hindutvavadi stating that while a Hindutvavadi could be described as someone bathing alone in the Ganges while a Hindu is one who takes crores along.
Addressing a rally in Jagdishpur in his former Lok Sabha constituency of Amethi, the Congress MP said that the true meaning of a Hindu is someone who only follows the path of truth and never converts his fear into violence, hate and anger. “A ‘Hindutvavadi’ bathes alone in Ganga, while a Hindu bathes with crores of people… Narendra Modi says he is a Hindu, but when did he protect the truth? He said he would give two crore youth jobs, where did he do so? He asked people to bang thalis to get rid of Covid… Hindu or Hindutvadi?” the former Congress president said.
PM Modi ahead of inaugurating the first phase of the Kashi-Vishwanath corridor in his Lok Sabha constituency Varanasi had been seen taking a dip in the Ganga.
“For the first time I saw just one person taking bath in Ganga, removed Yogi Ji, sidelined Rajnath Singh….Remember when Narendra ji was young he fought with a crocodile, I thought he didn’t know swimming…struggling with his hands…” Rahul Gandhi said today.
“Is Hindu a liar? Hindu is the one who walks on the path of truth throughout his whole life. On one side, there is truth, Mahatma Gandhi, a Hindu who spent his whole life understanding truth, and then there is Nathuram Godse, a Hindutvawadi. Nobody calls him (Godse) a Mahatma, because he killed a Hindu who always spoke the truth. Godse was a coward, a weak man he could not confront his own fears…” the Wayanad MP said.
“I will tell you the meaning of Hindu. It is someone who only follows the path of truth, the one who never gives up to fear, and the one who never converts his fear into violence, hate and anger… It’s best example is Mahatma Gandhi.”
Rahul Gandhi further slammed the prime minister for the farm laws and said that he brought in the laws to benefit the industrialists despite the protest of the entire country’s farmers.
“PM introduced farm laws and said that they are going to benefit farmers. After one year when all farmers stood together against the laws, PM had to apologise. We questioned about the compensation for farmers who died in the protest, he said no farmers died in the protest,” Rahul Gandhi said.
Addressing the gathering with his sister and Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi by is side,Rahul Gandhi said: “You are aware of the situation today. Unemployment and inflation are the biggest questions that neither the CM nor PM will answer. PM was taking a dip in Ganga a few days back but won’t talk about unemployment. I’ll tell you why the youth is deprived of employment.”
“Middle-class people and the poor were badly affected by some of the decisions taken by the PM, which also resulted in large-scale unemployment. Demonetisation, wrongly implicated GST, no help during the Covid-19 crisis are some of the major reasons for unemployment in India,” the Congress leader said.
The Congress leader also attacked the Centre and the Prime Minister for the border dispute with China.
According to party sources, Rahul Gandhi was visiting Amethi after almost two and a half years.
“Every lane in Amethi is still the same. Only that there’s anger against the government in people’s eyes. In the hearts, there is space just like before. We are still united against injustice,” he said.
“I came into politics in 2004. Amethi was the city where I contested my first election. People of Amethi have taught me a lot about politics. You have shown me the way to politics and I want to thank each and everyone,” he said.
Rahul Gandhi had represented Amethi for 15 years in Lok Sabha before he was defeated from the constituency in the year 2019 but had won from Wayanad in Kerala from where he had simultaneously contested from.
The visit of the Congress leaders to Amethi comes ahead of Assembly polls in the state slated to be held early next year.

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