• How People Find Love
    Finding a partner with whom to share your life can be a hopeful, difficult, invigorating, and challenging process. Seeking an appropriate mate is considered as one of the primary responsibilities of adulthood, and whether their approach is to flirt in line at a coffee shop, […]
  • Planning To Propose Your Partner? Things To Look Out For
    “When you know, you know.” You must’ve heard this so many times – in your regular conversations or even in the rom-com that you may have binge-watched on. But what does it mean, really? This simple advice, all of four words, might sound too vague. Removing the rose-tinted […]
  • Study Examines Relationship Between Eye Contact & Conversation
    A recent study suggested making and breaking eye contact while talking to someone makes a conversation more engaging. Washington [US], September 12 : These findings have been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Making repeated eye contact when talking to someone […]
  • How New-Age Matrimonial Sites Are Turning More Secure
    What are the three words that everyone wants to hear these days, apart from the ones that we can easily predict? – It’s a match? (Well, almost three.) Indeed, be it a matter of dating or of marriage, a match is what everyone’s looking for. Gone […]
  • Study: Relationship Satisfaction, Love, Intimacy Have Lowered Post Lockdown
    The findings of a new study on dating and married couples in India who were surveyed before and after India’s COVID-19 lockdown, suggested that relationship satisfaction, love, intimacy, and passion have significantly lowered post lockdown. The study, which was published in Family Relations, found that […]
  • How To Love Yourself
    Your mind can be your closest ally or your worst enemy. How often has the tiny critic in your head held you back? Self-care is making your thoughts and feelings a priority each day of your life. Looking after yourself involves supporting your mental health, […]
  • Leaders Become Successful When Able To Mentally Reattach To Work: Study
    Getting into the right mindset for work can set the tone for the rest of your day – and it’s an especially beneficial practice for managers.  The findings of a new study suggest that on the days that leaders and managers were better able to […]
  • People often avoid feeling compassion for others
    Washington [US], September 5 : Researchers during a series of studies found that given the option, people often chose to avoid feeling compassion for others. They also reported that doing so was mentally effortful and which were linked to their choices.The findings of the studies […]
  • Study Finds If Distressed, Help-Seeking Couples Improve On Their Own
    A new study has sought to examine what happens to couples who seek online help for their relationship but have to wait six months before beginning an intervention program. The findings of the study were published in the journal ‘Family Process’. “Given the ways couple […]
  • Here’s How Isolation Affects People’s Social Interaction, Especially Amid Covid
    The scholars speculate that acute isolation may not be enough to significantly influence males’ sexual motivation with females or aggressive motivation with other males. But it can have a strong effect on the craving for affiliative social contact thought to motivate females’ social interaction. The […]
  • People Often Avoid Feeling Compassion For Others, Feel It’s A Lot Of Effort: Study
    In a series of studies, the researchers found that when given the option, people often chose to avoid feeling compassion for others and reported that doing so was mentally effortful, which were linked to their choices. The findings of the studies were published in the […]
  • How Parents Can Be ‘Emotion Coaches’ As Kids Go To School During Covid-19
    Parents should take time to talk with their children before school starts amid Covid-19. For an anxious child, this might be five minutes of validation and support each day. For another child, checking in occasionally may be enough. Here are some tips for ’emotion coaching’ […]
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