• Goal-Setting, Strong Parent-Child Relationships Reduce Risk Of Youth Vaping
    Adolescents who set goals for their future and those with strong parental support are less likely to use e-cigarettes and other tobacco products, according to a study by UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine physician-scientists. The findings of […]
  • Study: Couples In Real-Life Are Far More Likely To Begin As Friends
    Though most movies and television shows often show romance sparking between two strangers, the findings of a new study suggests that couple in real-life are far more likely to begin as friends. The new study, published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, found that two-thirds of romantic […]
  • It’s complicated ! When a Child Abuses a Parent
    Identifying and responding to child-to-parent violence. KEY POINTS Child-to-parent violence is a subset of family violence that is often ignored or misidentified. This behaviour includes aggression, violence, or coercion perpetrated by an adolescent or adult child toward parents. Risk factors for child-to-parent violence include substance […]
  • People Might Regret One Night Stand And Yet Do It Again
    New research has found that a lot of people who regret indulging in a casual one night stand continue with the same sexual behaviour. According to the researchers, including Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), for the most part […]
  • How The Feeling Of Power Determines Happy Relationships
    Want to have a happy relationship? Make sure both partners feel they can decide on issues that are important to them. Objective power measured by income, for example, doesn’t seem to play a big role, according to a new study. Instead, how lovers perceive power […]
  • Dealing With Disappointment, 7 Tips To Fight Back
    Seven tips to fight back for a better tomorrow Howard applied to designer-label graduate schools but ended up admitted only to his safe school. He applied for cool jobs but landed only fair to middling ones. He tried to find the woman of his dreams but ended […]
  • Single Parenting Teaches Children Invaluable Lessons
    A 2019-’20 UN Women report titled Progress of the World’s Women states that about 4.5 per cent of Indian households are run by single mothers. This is close to 13 million households in the country. But, to be a solo parent and raise a child – a […]
  • Signs How Can You Spot A Pseudo Intellectual Person
    Everyone wants to come across as a smart and intellectual person. In a world that is highly competitive, no one wants to be declared stupid and dumb. Due to this, they work hard to expand their mental capacities and increase their knowledge. However, in the […]
  • Myths Associated With Polyamorous Relationship
    Our society often has a set number of rules and norms that guide every individual’s perception of relationships. These norms can often get regressive and be imposed as mandates. Polyamory is all about having a non-monogamous relationship with two or more people. The only rule […]
  • How To Make Perfect Dating Profile?
    Visiting a bar, going for a picnic in a garden or drinking a coffee in a cafe are all nice ways to meet strangers in Hollywood and Bollywood movies but in real life, societal compulsions and constraints make the youth turn to dating apps, where […]
  • How Lack Of Ambition Can Negatively Impact Your Relationship
    Not for nothing is it said that it is only by living with and understanding a person that can help build a strong relationship. very often we do not have that luxury of living with the person we want to pursue a relationship with, but […]
  • Ways To Control Your Anger Issues In Relationship
    Getting agitated, irritated or angry is a common emotion you experience, but knowing the right way to channelize, and deal with it, is the key. Excessive anger can wreak havoc on your personal life and relations as well as can on your mental health. You […]
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