• Healthy Smoothie Recipe That May Soothe Your Menstrual Pain
    Clinical nutritionist Avantii Deshpaande shares a healthy smoothie recipe that may soothe your menstrual pain and bring a smile to your face. “Smoothies offer a lot of flexibility, which means you can easily make the best smoothie for period cramps by combining ingredients that are […]
  • Changes To Workplace Cafeteria Menus Nudge Workers To Consume Fewer Calories: Study
    A new study carried out at 19 workplace cafeterias found that reducing portion sizes and replacing higher calorie food and drinks with lower-calorie options led to workers buying food and drink with fewer calories. The findings of the study were published in the journal ‘PLoS […]
  • Rabdi Rasgulla Recipe
    A Bengali sweet dish that is quite popular all over India and is relished by people of all ages, Rasgulla is indeed a mouth-watering dessert. An add on of rabdi not only increases its richness but also enhances its taste. Rasgullas, made from chenna are […]
  • Spicy Tuna Tartare Recipe
    This recipe of Spicy Tuna Tartare promises to satiate our cravings for Emirati cuisine. Eager to bring a little bit of Dubai’s spirit to our kitchen, we are whipping up this lip-smacking dish today and you can do so too by following the super simple […]
  • Try This Recipe Of Namkeen Gol Gappa
    If street food is your first love too, we have good news for you as we have dug up a mouthwatering recipe of Namkeen Gol Gappa. Street food lovers have one thing in common – they eat gol gappe like they’ll never have a chance […]
  • Veg Lasagna Recipe Without Oven
    Lasagna or Lasagne is the ultimate comfort food when you are feeling extra special. In this recipe, Chef Kunal Kapur shows you how to prepare vegetable lasagna in two different ways. Yes, your favourite American Lasagna without a pasta sheet and without an oven. Sounds […]
  • Recipe: Italian Puchka|Italian Pani Puri By Chef Kunal Kapur
    Everyone likes the taste of Pani Puri, some like to eat spicy golgappas, some like sweetwater, some sour-sweet and some eat curd. Golgappas are known by different names across the country. Popularly known as puchka, Batase, Pani Puri, Golgappa, Patase, Gupchup, Phulki etc., there is […]
  • Ganesha Chaturthi Recipe: Try This Homemade Besan Ka Ladoo
    The festival of Ganesha Chaturthi sees devotees bring home the idols of Ganesha to worship the Hindu deity, eat good food, enjoy with friends and family and later immerse the idols. This year the festival falls on September 10. The festival marks the birth of Ganesha whom […]
  • Ganesh Chaturthi 2021: Bhog Dishes One Cannot Miss Out On!
    The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner, and surely amidst the enthusiasm and excitement to bring Lord Ganesha home, you haven’t forgotten about the most important thing– bhog prasad! Ganesh Chaturthi, which is celebrated for a period of 10 days, starts on […]
  • Study Finds High-Fat Diet Disturbs Body Clock
    A new study has found that when rats are fed a high-fat diet, this disturbs the body clock in their brain that normally controls satiety, leading to over-eating and obesity. The findings of the study were published in ‘The Journal of Physiology’. The number of […]
  • Recipe: Chukander Moongfali Kebabs
    The culture of varieties of kebabs can inspire even the kids to don their chef hats and we don’t blame them. If there is one food that inspires us to turn experimental chefs in the kitchen, it has to be kebabs and this recipe of […]
  • Recipe: Hummus Dip With Chole/Chickpeas
    Hummus is a popular middle eastern spread made with chickpeas. All the ingredients that are used in making of hummus are healthy. This is a simple recipe for homemade hummus. It is a delicious spread or dip made from chickpeas or chole, tahini sauce, lemon, […]
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