• Hair Care Tips For Monsoon
    The monsoon season is much loved by all but at the same time monsoon can be quite unhealthy for the hair and scalp. Just like we should adapt our skincare routines to different weather; changing the hair care routine is also a must in order […]
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    Iron deficiency is common among women, especially during their reproductive years. And since this essential mineral is not produced by the body itself, you have to ensure you consume enough iron-rich foods or consult a doctor who can suggest the best way to correct the iron […]
  • Common Misconceptions About Organic Skincare
    In today’s generation, consumers have become more aware and conscious of harmful chemicals hidden in their skincare products. They have even become skeptical of using skincare that wear the claim of being “organic” and “all natural”, often questioning if these claims are just marketing gimmicks […]
  • Benefits Of Face Steaming
    People use a variety of methods to hydrate and cleanse their skin. While some people look for the best facial cleansers and moisturizers, others use water vapour and face steaming. Although a simple bowl or pot of hot water will suffice, some people add salt, […]
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    We’re all wearing SPF on our faces every day (aren’t we?), and have even found tinted SPFs that work as gorgeous bases for makeup. The final hurdle when it comes to SPF is reapplying it on top of your makeup, because applying SPF to your face once in the morning […]
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    Do you have relatively small eyes? You could have hooded eyes or monolid eyes and eye makeup is often a sore point in your beauty regime. Stressful as that sounds, there are a few tips and tricks that you could use to work your way […]
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    Facial symmetry is desired by many, as it said to be an identifying feature of those who are genetically blessed in the looks department. While this isn’t true, because symmetry or not, each face is unique and beautiful in its own way, there are options to get in fillers to enhance or […]
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