Hardik Patel dismisses rumours of his joining BJP, but upset with his party

Tapi (Gujarat) [India]: Amid speculation of his joining the BJP, Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee working president Hardik Patel on Monday dismissed the rumours saying he has no such plans and said that he is upset with the state party leadership.

“People will say a lot of things. When Joe Biden won the US elections, I praised him. This is because his vice president is of Indian origin. But does this mean I will join Biden’s party?” he said while speaking to the media.
Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee working president is reportedly unhappy with the party and has, in recent days, praised the ruling BJP. He lauded the BJP for revoking Article 370 and the construction of Ram Mandir. The Congress leader said that such decisions of the party should be commended.

Issuing a clarification about his praise for the BJP, the Congress leader said, “If a rival has a good quality, then, in politics, we will have to think about it. If they make bold decisions, we will also have to make bold decisions. If you waste your time, then people will leave you. There are many young people who want to work for the party. I openly wish that such youngsters should get an opportunity”.

Patel further said that he is not upset with party leaders Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi but he is upset with the state leadership.

“I am not upset with Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi. I am upset with the state leadership. Why am I upset? Elections are coming up and in such times work should be done together with honest and strong people. They should be given positions,” he added.

The Congress leader said that there are a lot of youngsters who want to work for the party and help it flourish and demanded that such youngsters should be given a decent space in the party.

“People who work at the rural level to strengthen the party should be given opportunities. It is poll time, go to villages, work hard in cities. As far as being upset is concerned, questions come up in a family and talks are held. I clarified earlier too to not spread rumours,” Patel added.

Hardik Patel emerged as the leader of the Patidar agitation demanding reservation for the community in Gujarat in 2015 and later joined Congress. (ANI)

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