Happy 6 Months To Us Three: Anushka Sharma Share Pics With Vamika And Virat

Actor Anushka Sharma has shared a bunch of beautiful pictures on the six-month birthday of her daughter Vamika. She and her husband Virat Kohli celebrated the day with a picnic in the park.

In the photos, Anushka is seen lying on a picnic mat with Vamika resting on top of her. She is wearing a pink shirt with blue jeans, point something out in the sky to her daughter. A second picture shows Vamika in Virat’s arms. He is giving her a hug and she is seen wearing a pink and peach striped frock with pink boots. There is also a picture of the cake, decorated with flowers.


“Her one smile can change our whole world around ! I hope we can both live up to the love with which you look at us, little one Happy 6 months to us three,” Anushka captioned the photos.

Vamika was born on February 11. Upon her birth, Virat and Anushka had sent gifts and sweets to the press and also requested them not to publish or click their daughter’s pictures. A note from the couple read, “Hi, Thank you for all the love that you have given us for all these years. We are happy to celebrate this momentous occasion with you. As parents, we have a simple request to make to you. We want to protect the privacy of our child and we need your help and support.”

Recently, a fan had also asked Virat Kohli for pictures of Vamika. “What is the meaning of Vamika? How is she? Can we see a glimpse of her please,” the fan asked during an AMA session. Virat replied, “Vamika is another name for goddess Durga. No, we have decided as a couple to not expose our child to social media before she has an understanding of what social media is and can make her own choice.”

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