Jurassic World Dominion is the equivalent to the Roland Emmerich film Moonfall. Its big, loud and dumb and has plot I guess…. but it don’t matter cuz look at the shiny new visual!! But it still takes some brains to make that kind of blockbuster, Dominion however is overly long, made up of contrivances and coincidences, repeats  the same old story which has been done to death  and by the end leaves you with little to no recollection of what happened and did it even matter??

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So Dominion picks up after the events of Fallen Kingdom, four years to be precise.. after the destruction of Isla Nublar, dinosaurs have been freed and  now live and hunt alongside humans all over the world. Now humans and dinosaurs live together in this big blue planet. If anyone remembers.. the clone daughter Maisie Lockwood from the previous one is now living with Chris Pratt and Dallas Howard’s character. But she isn’t allowed to go outside because she is a clone and some people might just have sinister interests with her and her genetics.

Sam Neil and Laura Dern return as their iconic characters from the first one. Jeff Goldblum is present too so the original die hard fans will have something to look at. The plot as is the norm with these blockbusters these days is needlessly convoluted, Maisie gets kidnapped so Pratt goes on a globe trotting rescue mission to save her, meanwhile dangerous genetically modified locusts are destroying all harvests and crops of the planet and Ellie Sattler is here to investigate and drags Alan Grant along.

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Campbell Scott who played Peter Parker’s dad in The Amazing Spiderman films plays a brilliant scientist who does some genetic research on the modification of genes to cure cancer and stuff. Yep pretty much the same character from those films. He heads Biosyn another evil corporation who has control over the dinosaurs and their living and everything. And if you are wondering what about the free roaming dinosaurs on our planet? Well don’t worry because there isn’t anything going on.

Yep they did it in the previous one but didn’t have the creativity to back it up so once again there are dinosaurs running around mostly in closed environments and humans are running and so on and so forth. There is one good chase sequence in a bazaar that keeps you entertained . A huge chunk of this film is dedicated to having the Maisie Lockwood plot running all over, but they fail to really ever give her any personality or character traits with which we can connect with you know like everyone did with the characters of the first one?

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Speaking of legacy characters Sam Neil as Alan Grant and Laura Dern as Ellie Sattler are having fun and Jeff Goldblum seems to be having a great time. Easily the most fun you can have is with him. The rest of the cast are decent and Chris Pratt carries the film some way but even he cannot take on the messy plot coincidences, overused CGI, boring characters and a stale, done to death storyline of Jurassic Park.

The movie has been assembled pretty well with some decent sequences here and there, but its runtime is way too long. The biggest problem is that there is hardly anything to grasp at in this overkilled franchised that should have been extinct after the second part itself. Nothing new, crazy or even half memorable in this new installment. Just pretty stuff to look at, eat your popcorn, clap and consume and move on. The seemingly bland cinematography and a generic bland score doesn’t help the cause at all. There isn’t much to say well because Dominion doesn’t give you anything to say!, Its your dumb blockbuster to which everyone is already numb too, following tropes and beats all too familiar this is well and truly what you call forgettable trash!

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