Google introduces voice, video call features in Gmail app

Washington [US]: Google has announced that it has added the ability to join one-on-one Google Chat voice and video calls from within the Gmail app.

As per MacRumors, it was possible to make calls from within the Gmail app on iOS and Android, but users had to send an invite to a Google Meet video conferencing call, which was more convoluted and limiting.
In future, however, users will be able to tap the new phone and video icons that appear in the upper right corner of individual one-on-one chat screens in the Google Chat section of the app.

According to MacRumors, users who initiate a call from the Google Chat app will now be redirected to the Gmail app, highlighting Google’s intention of putting the Gmail app at the centre of its communication platforms.

The call feature is rolling out for everyone with Google Workspace, G Suite or personal Google accounts. (ANI)

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