Ghaziabad’s Sakshi Chaudhary wins silver medal in World Youth Archery Championship

Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh) [India]: Sakshi Chaudhary, a girl from Ghaziabad won a silver medal in the final of the World Youth Archery Championship held in Poland. Sakshi missed the gold medal by one point, but she won the individual championship silver medal.
“I missed the gold medal by one point and feel sorry. I want to illuminate the name of my country in the upcoming championship by winning a gold medal,” said Sakshi while talking to ANI. Sakshi said, “At this time I was standing on the podium, the flag with the national anthem was going up so I was feeling proud that I have done something for the country, have brought laurels to the country and all eyes were on me.”
Sakshi’s mother said, “Sakshi’s family members are happy. Everyone is feeling proud of Sakshi. She has brought laurels to the country. “
Sakshi’s mother said she has not received any help and by selling her jewellery, she got arrows and plane tickets for Sakshi. “I did not receive any help, hence I had to sell my jewellery for buying equipment and flight tickets. We are proud of her,” she said.
Sakshi’s father said that after coming to the airport yesterday, the Sports Minister called all the children and encouraged them and told them to prepare for the future ahead. “There is no academy in Ghaziabad regarding archery, for which we have to go to Delhi, so there is a lot of shortage,” said Sakshi’s father.
“There is no academy in Ghaziabad. No financial help has been given to us by the government so far. But we are preparing our daughter for the upcoming championship so that she can bring victory and laurels to the country,” added Sakshi’s father.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the Indian contingent at the World Archery Youth Championships in Wroclaw, Poland after the team won 15 medals including eight gold medals.
The Indian contingent won eight gold, two silver, and five bronze medals. The Prime Minister also hoped that the World Youth Championships’ success inspires more youngsters to pursue archery and excel in it.

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