Germany evacuates more than 2,700 people from Afghanistan

Berlin [Germany]: The number of people evacuated by the German armed forces from Afghanistan over the past week has surpassed 2,700, the Federal Foreign Office said on Monday.
Germany began evacuating people from Afghanistan last Monday, a day after the takeover by the Taliban (designated terrorist and banned in Russia). The Tashkent airport in neighbouring Uzbekistan has served as the connecting hub for German evacuation flights. “Since Monday last week, it has been possible to fly out around 2700 persons in this way. They include Germans, Afghans and nationals of international partners (as of 09.00 on Monday, 23.08.2021 [07:00 GMT]),” the statement read.
The Taliban have pledged no vengeance for Afghans who collaborated with the US led-foreign troops and the civilian government of Ashraf Ghani, which collapsed after the Islamist movement entered Kabul on August 15. However, thousands of Afghans have gathered at Kabul Airport in the hope of fleeing the country on a foreign evacuation flight. Some countries have agreed to take in a limited number of Afghan asylum seekers.

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