General Bajwa creates controversy, Claims 34,000 Pak soldiers surrendered to India in 1971 WAR

Rawalpindi [Pakistan]: The outbound Chief of Army Personnel (COAS), General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Wednesday created a debate by claiming that just 34,000 Pak soldiers gave up to India in the 1971 Battle.

Dealing with the Protection as well as Martyrs Day ceremony as Principal Guest, the army chief said, “The East Pakistan crisis, was not a military but a political failing. The variety of dealing with soldiers was not 92,000, instead just 34,000, the remainder were from numerous government departments,” on Dhaka fiasco in 1971.
The COAS said that these 34,000 individuals had actually been confronting 2,50,000 Indian Army soldiers and 200,000 skilled Mukti Bahini however still dealt with valiantly despite all odds, reported Pakistan Today.

On December 16, 1971, Lt Gen Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, the Chief Martial Law Manager of East Pakistan and Commander of Pakistan Military pressures located in East Pakistan authorized the Tool of Surrender.

Specifically half a century earlier, the largest army abandonment after the 2nd world war took place when 93,000 soldiers from the Pakistan Military laid down their arms before Indian Forces – liberating and also bring to life a new country Bangladesh.

Bajwa said that the sacrifices of these endure Ghazis (battle professionals) as well as martyrs, were not properly acknowledged by the nation to day, which was a significant oppression, reported Pakistan Today.

On the other hand, Bajwa warned concerning making baseless objection against the Pakistan army, stating “it has limits.”

Addressing the Defence and Martyrs Day event as Principal Guest, the military chief said that a fake narrative was created to revile the senior leadership of the Pakistan military and also indecent words were utilized to malign the army yet the army leadership despite having resources and also alternatives observed restraint but that has restrictions as well, reported Pakistan Today.

Without naming any person, COAS stated that a fake narrative was created to develop instability in the country and also now efforts are afoot to get away with this phony narrative.

” Senior armed forces management was maligned. Let me make it clear that army leadership would never endanger on nationwide rate of interest. Do you believe that armed forces would certainly rest idle versus an international conspiracy theory. This is difficult; instead a wonderful wrong. Those that intend to create a break in between the army as well as individuals will certainly never ever prosper,” he included.

The Military chief said they must be fully cautious on this count though it was the right of the people to have a favorable analysis. Some individuals opted for a phony and false narrative firstly for wreaking havoc, as well as now they were withdrawing from that uncertain setting, he added.

He said that the Army leadership had lots of choices and sources to counter this story however the Army showed restraint in the larger passion of the nation and avoided making any unfavorable statements, reported Pakistan Today.

” One should comprehend that there is a limit to this restriction. I wish to forgive this unacceptable and aggressive stance versus me and the Military and move on as Pakistan is supreme for everybody. Political events and also individuals might come and go however the country will certainly stay undamaged permanently,” the Pak military chief claimed.

The Military, he said, had actually initiated its catharsis as well as really hoped that the political celebrations would likewise review their conduct, reported Pakistan Today.

” It is additionally a reality that blunders have actually been committed by every organization, political party and civil society. We ought to learn from these blunders and progress,” he included.

The Army chief claimed he was proud to have actually been the leader of the Pakistan Army for the last six years.

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